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"I saw Heidi at the Las Vegas convention last summer and bought 4 of her CD's. This is the first year I've used them and they're WONDERFUL! (I teach kindergarten.) Even my lowest kids have learned 18 sight words and they love it. My principal insists on spelling tests starting in September and her songs have helped me to meet that expectation without pulling my hair out! You know, if you have all songs from one source they get old fast. BUT, we use her shapes, numbers UP TO 30!, songs for capitals, periods, spaces, colors (they're the best! We ALL love them!) and sight words. I have 12 kids counting to 100 already, in part thanks to her song for that! I will get her others in the future. It's all priceless. She also has a CD of worksheets that you can use to coordinate with her songs. I have printed out the sight word songs and the kids have their own sight word songbooks. That has been AWESOME in boosting literacy and confidence."


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Zero the Hero Project

Printable project with 'Zero the Hero' theme!

Downloadable Project - $3.00

Download on a Disc - $4.00


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Zero the Hero song - Sing & Spell Vol. 5

Product Overview

Heidi's kids love the Zero song, so she made a project that had to be shared. A great Father's Day or Community Service project as well. Check out more detail on Heidi's blog HERE.