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"I am a Kinder teacher and a mom of two. I recently bought a little container of farm counters at Target to use in my classroom. My three year old, Kate, wanted to open them. I told her that I would open them and count them with her after I was done with the dishes. She said, " Okay, while I'm waiting I'll just estimate!" (She's been listening to your Musical Math CD in the car everyday)"

Heather T

Satisfaction Guaranteed Teacher Approved NKA CA Kindergarten Association

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Zero the Hero Project

Printable project with 'Zero the Hero' theme!

Downloadable Project - $3.00

Download on a Disc - $4.00


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Zero the Hero song - Sing & Spell Vol. 5

Product Overview

Heidi's kids love the Zero song, so she made a project that had to be shared. A great Father's Day or Community Service project as well. Check out more detail on Heidi's blog HERE.