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"I just finished putting on your Gingerbread Man play for our Mothers' Day party. It turned out so well! I changed the dancing trees to dancing flowers. I made a pretty nice mini-book to go along with it that uses the wording and the characters from the play. My son made a very nice video of the performance which I was able to show at our recent Open House. Thank you so much for your great cd with all those variations on the music, and the script and the production hints, etc. I really loved it. On your website, I see that you also have a script and music for The Mitten! Maybe that will be next, although after spending a lot of time making all of the Gman costumes, I think I'll be doing that for a while! I also use your sight word songs all year as we are learning them. The kids and I love the songs and it sure does help them remember!! Thank you, thank you!"


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Zero the Hero Project

Printable project with 'Zero the Hero' theme!

Downloadable Project - $3.00

Download on a Disc - $4.00


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Zero the Hero song - Sing & Spell Vol. 5

Product Overview

Heidi's kids love the Zero song, so she made a project that had to be shared. A great Father's Day or Community Service project as well. Check out more detail on Heidi's blog HERE.