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"Just want to share the success of using Heidisongs in my kindergarten classroom. I have 46 kindergarten students (am & pm). I teach in a high poverty school district where most students come in not knowing how to write their name, or recognize a single letter. I love singing in my classroom, I make up songs for everything. When I came across Heidisongs, I knew it was the perfect program for me to teach. I am pleased to say that as of today 34 out of 46 of my kindergarten students can fluently read the 58 sight words that are expected of them by the end of kindergarten. 34 of 46 and we still have two months left!!!!! AMAZING! Thanks Heidi!"


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Learning Games

Zero the Hero Project

Printable project with 'Zero the Hero' theme!

Downloadable Project - $3.00

Download on a Disc - $4.00


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Zero the Hero song - Sing & Spell Vol. 5

Product Overview

Heidi's kids love the Zero song, so she made a project that had to be shared. A great Father's Day or Community Service project as well. Check out more detail on Heidi's blog HERE.