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"I can't tell you how happy my kids are with your music.  Our K team went to the K conference MLK weekend and my teaching partner and I got to see you twice.  We started using the spelling words on Tuesday when we got back and they are thrilled. Even my most "hard core" boys who think they are so cool just love your DVD!!  We used it for rainy day recess.  I have one really grouchy little guy that really softens up when we move to your CD.  His favorite song is the 'to' song. :) It has really helped a little guy in my class who is mainstreamed. He responds so well to music."

Caitlin B.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Teacher Approved NKA CA Kindergarten Association

Numbers & Shapes Vol. 1

108 pages - B/W, perfect bound, soft-cover workbook. 10 different types of numbers worksheets for numbers 1-10, plus an interactive, clap and count-along poem about each number.

Counting Creatures 1-10 Number Workbook

Ten different practice sheets for each number 1-10 to build recognition and formation skills

Printed Workbook - $15.00

Workbook on a Printable Disc - $11.00
(Files include B/W Masters)

Downloadable Workbook - $10.00

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Counting Creatures 1-10 Clap & Count Poem

Product Overview

This fun and motivational set includes a clap and count along poem to make into a booklet, plus many more number recognition and formation drills, including:


• Circle and find - numeral discrimination.
• Trace and write - number writing practice.
• Count and Draw the missing pieces of the characters.
• Counting practice pages - include a “cut and paste” format, “circle the correct number” format, “draw the correct amount” format, and “count and color” the correct number format.
• Easily print digital files from Adobe .pdf Masters.
Check out Heidi's blog for more information on Counting Creatures:


Common Core Alignment and HeidiSongs

Numbers & Shapes Vol. 1:
Counting and Cardinality K - Know number names and the count sequence.

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