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"I saw Heidi at the Las Vegas convention last summer and bought 4 of her CD's. This is the first year I've used them and they're WONDERFUL! (I teach kindergarten.) Even my lowest kids have learned 18 sight words and they love it. My principal insists on spelling tests starting in September and her songs have helped me to meet that expectation without pulling my hair out! You know, if you have all songs from one source they get old fast. BUT, we use her shapes, numbers UP TO 30!, songs for capitals, periods, spaces, colors (they're the best! We ALL love them!) and sight words. I have 12 kids counting to 100 already, in part thanks to her song for that! I will get her others in the future. It's all priceless. She also has a CD of worksheets that you can use to coordinate with her songs. I have printed out the sight word songs and the kids have their own sight word songbooks. That has been AWESOME in boosting literacy and confidence."


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Numbers & Shapes Vol. 1

24 Full Color Cards - B/W on Back

Jumpin' Numbers & Shakin' Shapes Printed Flashcard Set

Printed flashcards to drill numbers 0-10 and 7 shapes

Printed Flashcard Set - $20.00

Printed Flashcards & Printable files on disc - $30.00
(Files include Color & B/W Masters)

Printable Download - $15.00

Video Clips

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The math lesson shown here uses the Jumpin' Numbers and Shakin' Shapes flashcards, each with a character embedded into the number or shape. The character jogs the childs memory to help him remember a motion and the name of the number or shape.

Heidi Demonstrates the Jumpin' Numbers and Shakin' Shapes Movements!

Product Overview

Fun, character artwork with Color Illustrations on the front & B/W Number or Shapes only on the back!

These flash cards are used to drill the children on the numbers and shapes. The flash cards have a character embedded into each number or shape, and the children are asked to respond simultaneously with an action and the name of the number or shape when they see it. The characters on the cards also help jog the child’s memory to help him remember the motion and the concept in a system that is similar to the method used in Zoo-Phonics.

It is this simultaneous response makes this a multi-sensory activity that optimizes the child's chances of remembering the concept presented. This method often works to teach even children with learning disabilities the numbers and shapes. And, used in conjunction with the musical component, it has been reported by parents and teachers alike to have worked well with children who have Autism and even Down's Syndrome.

Printed card set includes:24 cards for each of the 19 songs on the CD & DVD, plus a smaller flashcard set that can be used for individual or small group drills. All cards include full-color number/shape character designs on the front, with matching B/W number/shape designs on the back.


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