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"Since using your first CD in my classroom, I have found that my students know their sight words so much better than they ever have before. When I started searching for CDs that put sight words to songs, I came across your CDs and found exactly what I was looking for! I know that everyone can remember the jingles to songs, but I feel that my low-income population of students remember songs more than most of their peers. These songs really helped them in their reading, and they were begging to hear them. Thank you for your great idea and for sharing it with others! I am excited to use this CD with my class next year!"


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Letters & Sounds

Alphabet Pattern Block Masters

Printable files on disc - $11.00

Printable Download - $10.00

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Alphabet Pattern Blocks Activity

Alphabet Blocks Sight Word Activity

Product Overview

These pattern blocks can be used as an open-ended literacy center, or in a directed lesson. The activity can also be extended to have children make whole words out of them by combining multiple copies of the letters. You can also give them pre-cut paper pattern blocks and have them glue them down permanently for an art project.

52 flashcard printable masters for both upper and lower case letters, including full-color pattern block designs  matching B/W letter designs for a different challenge.

Pattern Blocks:
These cards utilize standard Pattern Blocks that can be found at most School Supply stores or you can order online here at Amazon.


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Letters & Sounds Program:
Reading Standards K - Print Concepts