"My niece's son broke the code and has been reading fluently since he's two and a half.
 We attribute a lot of this accomplishment to his enthusiastic connection with HeidiSongs. 
I teach inner-city second language elementary students in Los Angeles, where I first saw HeidiSongs at the preK level and was very impressed! 
I have never sent an unsolicited endorsement of a product, but felt I must share, first-hand, the success of your motivational teaching methods!
 Thank you!"


Satisfaction Guaranteed Teacher Approved NKA CA Kindergarten Association

Sing & Spell Vol. 2

Words Covered Are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, white, gray, pink, an, at, big, do, down, has, in, it, no/yes, not, small, this, too, up, we, what, who. Plus, two punctuation songs; one for capitals and spaces