"My niece's son broke the code and has been reading fluently since he's two and a half.
 We attribute a lot of this accomplishment to his enthusiastic connection with HeidiSongs. 
I teach inner-city second language elementary students in Los Angeles, where I first saw HeidiSongs at the preK level and was very impressed! 
I have never sent an unsolicited endorsement of a product, but felt I must share, first-hand, the success of your motivational teaching methods!
 Thank you!"


Satisfaction Guaranteed Teacher Approved NKA CA Kindergarten Association

Sing & Spell Vol. 5

Words Covered Are: Zero the Hero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, about, around, but, eat, fight, find, funny, get, into, new, ride, please, pretty, saw, say, says, so, under, which.