"I first heard of your songs when I was substituting in a Kinder class and the teacher told me about singing the sight words. I bought a couple and used them right away with terrific success. Just like you, I love to sing and I learn with songs. So just recently, I was hired to teach a Kinder-First grade combo and my student who did not get Kinder cuz he was too old when he entered the system (7years old) is already able to spell and read "the" because he remembers the song. I can't wait to use the new CD's I bought to work with my students. I have been telling anyone who will listen about you. I am attending the CKA conference next January and I hope to get in to see you there. You're songs are like musical gold."

Stelvia C.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Teacher Approved NKA CA Kindergarten Association

Sing & Spell Vol. 3

Words Covered Are: again, away, because, come, could, help, house, how, jump, little, look, make, one, run, should, their, there, they're, three, to, too, two, want, we're, were, when, where, who, why, and would.