Learning Video Set
HeidiSongs CD & DVD Set
HeidiSongs CD & DVD Animated Combo
Learning Video Set

HeidiSongs CD & DVD Set

$ 470.00
$ 385.00

This set includes nearly all the HeidiSongs CDs and DVDs we currently publish. Includes all of our animated videos, utilizing the great, award-winning music that the kids love! It is also our best CD & DVD deal, with materials that can be used for kids up to second grade!


Heidi's CD & DVD Set:
• Sight Words 1-6 CDs and DVDs
• Alphabet Formation DVD
• Letters & Sounds CD and DVD
• Word Family Songs DVD and CD
• Numbers & Shapes CD
• Numbers 11-30 CD
• Number Jumble 0-30 DVD
• Language Arts CD and DVD
• Skip Counting Songs DVD
• Musical Math 1 CD and DVD
• Musical Math 2 CD and DVD
• Sounds Fun Phonics CD and DVD
• Classroom Management CD and DVD
• Colors and Shapes DVD
• Mother Goose: Nursery Rhymes CD and DVD