Jumpin' Numbers Bingo Game

Jumpin' Numbers Bingo GameThis downloadable activity is another fun way to drill the children on each numeral from zero to ten, and the seven basic shapes. This is a classic bingo game that supports Heidi's Jumpin' Number and Shakin' Shapes multi-sensory program by incorporating the same images seen and used in the Jumpin' Numbers Flashcards and DVDs.

Includes game instructions, 10 different colored bingo mats, 10 different colored B/W mats, and calling cards for the caller.

Check out Heidi's blog for more information on Jumpin' Numbers:
-How to Teach the Numbers 0-10 and the Shapes

Printable Download - $4.00
• Includes Downloadable, Digital Files (.pdf) of B/W Masters

Printable Files on Disc - $5.00
• Includes Digital Files (.pdf) of B/W Masters on Disc