Sing & Spell DVD Collections

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These special DVD Collections contain all the music and videos from the Sing & Spell series. Each disc shows Heidi singing and performing the songs from this multi-sensory series that includes visual support for the sight words, movements to take advantage of active learning, and fun, simple songs that are easy to follow and learn. This is perfect for children from preschool to second grade, including special needs children, "at-risk" students, and second language learners. They are also very engaging for faster learners because of the music, rhythm and movements.

Words covered in Sing & Spell Vol. 1:
and, are, can, for, go, have, he, here, is, like, me, my, of, on, play, said, see, she, that, the, they, to, was, with, you.

Words covered in Sing & Spell Vol. 2:
red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, white, gray, pink, an, at, big, do, down, has, in, it, no/yes, not, small, this, too, up, we, what, who. There are also two more punctuation songs; one for capitals, and one for spaces between the words.

Words covered in Sing & Spell Vol. 3:
again, away, because, come, could, help, house, how, jump, little, look, make, one, run, should, their, there, they're, three, to, too, two, want, we're, were, when, where, who, why, and would.

Add more high frequency sight words with the 6-disc Collection, which includes:

Words covered in Sing & Spell Vol. 4: 
A (the word), all, am, as, be, by, came, dear, did, friend, from, good, had, his, I (the word), if, love, made, nice, now, out, over, put, some, then, very, will, and your.

Words covered in Sing & Spell Vol. 5:
Zero the Hero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, about, around, but, eat, fight, find, funny, get, into, new, ride, please, pretty, saw, say, says, so, under, which.

Words covered in Sing & Spell Vol. 6:
ask, ate, day, does, every, give, going, her, him, just, many, must, no, off, only, our, ran, show, soon, take, them, think, walk, well, went, yes, Bonus Track - Opposite Song


14 Day Free Trial - Sing & Spell Sight Word Video Collection
164 songs at your fingertips!

HeidiSongs has partnered with VHX to offer you our complete Sing & Spell video series, in an easy to use format, with multiple playlists for streaming, on-demand video to your classroom and devices! This platform brings you unlimited, easy playback on all your devices, anywhere you have a connection. Plus we have the ability to build custom Sight Word lists for easy access to your school or district's unique curriculum needs. Or you can use one of Sight Word lists already included in the rental package, like the following examples: 

• Alphabetical Order - All 164 Songs • Dolch Words 1-100 • Dolch Pre-Primer List • Dolch Primer List • StoryTown Kindergarten Playlist • Journeys Kindergarten Playlist • Wonders Kindergarten Playlist • Reading Street Kindergarten Playlist • Treasures Kindergarten Playlist •

Using these playback lists removes the constraints of the DVD format allowing you to have continuous playback right through your whole list, without juggling the physical discs in and out of the computer or player. And the interface for picking a song or jumping around from song to song, is so very easy, it's the reason we love VHX and chose them as our provider. 

Once your free trial or subscription sign-up is complete, all you need is the VHX app, or an internet connection through the VHX website and you are set!  (Please note that this is a separate transaction through VHX.)  With many teachers, schools, and classrooms now going digital, or receiving laptops with no disc drive to play the DVDs in, this is a great option to still be able to use our Sing & Spell videos in the classroom.  HeidiSongs on VHX is offered as a monthly subscription, or a one-year subscription option.  Please note that the videos are each shown as individual songs for each word and do not play straight through like a movie, as you will find with our Vimeo rentals.  Most teachers find this very helpful to hop from song to song, in the order that they teach the words, instead of having to fast forward or rewind to find a certain song.  For further details, please check out our Getting Started with HeidiSongs on VHX instructions.