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Counting Creatures Worksheets Updated!

This week, I am excited to tell you that we recently updated our Counting Creatures Volume One number worksheets to include more opportunities for the children to practice WRITING the numerals in addition to simply COUNTING them!


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This is a great addition to these practice sheets, and I know that my students have already benefited from doing them.


Counting Creature Worksheets - Number Four - HeidiSongs, number writing, download, printable, kindergarten, tk, prek

So why did I decide to change them?  When I taught Kindergarten, it seemed like my students caught on to writing the numerals a bit more quickly!  But now that I am teaching TK, my little ones seem to need much more practice in number formation than my Kindergartners used to!  And I guess that makes sense!  So, I asked my wonderful husband to update our existing Counting Creatures workbook to include more opportunities for the kids to write the numerals within the existing worksheet pages.  Otherwise, I would have had to go looking for someone ELSE’s resources to use.  Heck, I don’t want to do THAT!  LOL!


Counting Creatures Worksheets, number writing, download, printable, kindergarten, tk, prek

Since then, we have been doing these worksheets regularly for extra practice.  I especially like using them in page protectors, having the kids do them with dry erase markers in small groups.  This works well because mistakes are super easy to fix, since erasing is so easy!  Also, the children that work faster can go on to do more, and the slower workers can take their time.


Counting Creatures Worksheets,number writing, download, printable, kindergarten, tk, prek

I have been attaching these Counting Creatures Worksheets to my homework nearly every week, along with a practice sheet from our Alphabet Workbook, either volume one or two!  If you would like to see what my homework cover sheet looks like and get a free editable copy, click here! 


Counting Creatures Worksheets, number writing, download, printable, kindergarten, tk, prek

I should also mention that another EXCELLENT tool for teaching number writing is the number formation songs on the Number Jumble DVD!  Those short number formation songs are just exactly right for helping kids get the correct numeral formation down.  Our little ones just BEG for to do these songs along with the videos because the animations are ESPECIALLY entertaining!  My husband had those wonderful little “Counting Creatures” (monsters and robots) animated into the videos, and they turned out AMAZING!  If you haven’t tried them yet, you’re missing out on a truly fun and effective tool.



If you already purchased Counting Creatures Volume One on our site,, just email us at [email protected] and let us know!!  We will verify your purchase in our records and email you an update. If you purchased on TpT, all you need to do is download the updated file.

I hope that all of you have the happiest of holidays and a relaxing vacation if you are blessed enough to have some time off at this very busy time of year.  Merry everything, and may you be blessed!




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