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Here is a game that I play with the whole class to review their letters and sounds. The children always LOVE this game, without fail! This is a version of the classic game, “Bang,” modified to be played with a large group of children all at once. It can be played with any flashcards at all, to review any concept that you wish.
This is how I play “Bang” whole group:
To prepare: Get 8.5 x 11 inch letter cards or Zoo-Phonics cards, and put them in a large ziplock bag. Next, type up a bunch of cards that say “Bang!” with a cute graphic on them, and put them into the same ziplock bag as the letter cards. (They should be the same size and color as the letter cards.) Mix them randomly into the set of letter cards. Put a folded piece of dark construction paper in the bag in front of the stack of cards so that the kids can’t see what card is coming next.
Now here’s how to play: Have the kids all start standing up. Pull the cards one at a time out of the ziplock bag and have the kids tell you what the letter or sound is. When you pull out a Bang card, the kids all shout, “Bang!” and they all sit down. They continue telling you the letter names on the cards while sitting down until you come to another Bang card. When you get to it, they all shout, “Bang!” and stand up again! So, every time they see a Bang card, they either sit down or stand up. They LOVE this game! You can put other cards in there later in the year, and have the kids do something “seasonal” rather than just say bang. For example, if they see a Santa, they might say, “Ho, ho, ho!” If they see a farm animal, they could make that animal noise, etc.
One reason why this is an effective whole group game is that the suspense of wondering when those special Bang cards will come up keeps the children focused on your flashcards. You’ll have to keep mixing them up among the other flash cards to keep up the element of surprise.
Have fun!