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Fall Bulletin Boards to Crow About! Posted on 19 Nov 08:35 , 0 comments

scarecrows and crowsscarecrows and crows  I just LOVE fall, and fall bulletin boards are fun to make!  So when I saw this project that Hadar from Miss Kindergarten made with these scarecrows and crows, I just couldn’t resist!  I  love the way it turned … Continue reading

Making LIFE SIZE Zoo Animals! Posted on 06 May 00:05 , 0 comments

zoo animalszoo animalsThe snake was so long that it was difficult to photograph! These are the completed snakes.  You can see the loft stairs below! This week, I created some giant zoo animals out of butcher paper for my kids to paint!  … Continue reading

Gone Fishin’ for Nonsense Words! Posted on 18 Feb 12:03 , 0 comments

Gone Fishin For Nonsense Words FBGone Fishin For Nonsense Words FB  I am sharing with you today some ways to help kids learn how to sound out nonsense words and even some REAL CVC words that actually make SENSE!  (Imagine that!)  I also have some guided drawing projects we have … Continue reading

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things Posted on 07 Jan 11:28 , 0 comments

swing of thingsswing of things  Last Monday was our first day back after our Christmas vacation, and boy, could I TELL!  We spent the first couple of days trying to remember what it was we learned before we left!  Most of my students are … Continue reading

What’s Working? – Week 15 Posted on 03 Dec 09:53 , 0 comments

What's Working Week 15What's Working Week 15  Here are FIVE more great ideas for teaching kindergarten during week 15 of the school year, which for us falls right smack at the beginning of December!  Read on to hear about my ideas for a fun game called … Continue reading