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Teaching First Graders to Write an Insect Report (Freebie!) Posted on 29 Apr 10:40 , 0 comments

  Have you ever wondered if there is a relatively easy way to teach children to write their first report?  Well, YES- I believe that there is!  Scaffolding the process is the key.  If each step is taught and each paragraph written … Continue reading

“The Marble Run” Student Progress Bulletin Board- (Free Download!) Posted on 25 Sep 09:34 , 1 comment

Here is a fun bulletin board that I put together to showcase my students’ progress and motivate them academically. I use mine to show progress in Accelerated Reader (AR), but it could be used for any subject, such as sight words, math facts, alphabet letters learned, etc.

We’re Bugging Out All Over! Posted on 04 Mar 10:21 , 0 comments

Well, it is not spring quite yet, but we certainly have spring fever in my classroom!  We have taken down the snowy white bulletin boards and replaced them with some flowery boards with insects on them.  It’s wonderful to … Continue reading