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Miss Heidi’s 3D Shapes Game and More! Posted on 07 Apr 10:23 , 0 comments

Miss Heidi's 3D Shapes Game and More! - HeidiSongsMiss Heidi's 3D Shapes Game and More! - HeidiSongsAre you teaching your kids the names of the 3D shapes? The names of these volume shapes can be hard for the kids to remember because they are truly academic vocabulary. Although kids may hear and use the words cube and … Continue reading

12 Great Ideas for the Hundredth Day of School! (Freebies!) Posted on 13 Jan 07:00 , 0 comments

12 Great Ideas for the Hundredth Day of School!12 Great Ideas for the Hundredth Day of School!The hundredth day of school is coming up soon for many of us, and if you are like me, you probably spend a whole WEEK celebrating it, because there are SO MANY NO PREP, FUN THINGS TO DO!  And the great … Continue reading

How to Teach Phonics with HeidiSongs Posted on 02 Oct 08:14 , 0 comments

How to Teach Phonics with HeidiSongsHow to Teach Phonics with HeidiSongs  In this post, I am going to explain how I teach phonics using HeidiSongs materials, specifically the Sounds Fun Phonics program that I created.  “Sounds Fun Phonics” is a supplemental multi-sensory phonics program designed for musical, active learners in … Continue reading

Classroom Management: Making It Through the Final Stretch! Posted on 14 May 18:24 , 0 comments

Making it Through the Final StretchMaking it Through the Final StretchManaging a class of kids through the final stretch of the school year can be difficult for many reasons! Fatigue starts to set in on the parts of teachers, students, parents, and administrators. Things that have worked in the past … Continue reading

How to Make Lesson Plans For Small Groups & Learning Centers Posted on 20 Jun 11:08 , 0 comments

lesson plans small groups learning centerslesson plans small groups learning centers  In this blog post, I am going to give you a general framework for how I make lesson plans for my small groups and learning centers each week.  As you will see, I focus on a specific curricular area … Continue reading