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Sound Blending Songs for Word Families DVD

Online video available on Vimeo

Music titles include: Just Two Sounds, Little Two Letter Words, How Do You Sound It Out?, At Family Song, An Family Song, It Family Song, In Family Song, Ig Family Song, Ip Family Song, Op Family Song, Ot Family Song, Ox Family Song, Et Family Song, En Family Song, Eg Family Song, Ug Family Song, Ut Family Song, Un Family Song, Nonsense Words

Sound Blending Songs for Word Families DVDThis DVD was created to teach children how read by teaching them to blend sounds together into words. Sounding out words is very often the biggest road block for many children in learning to read; they simply cannot get past the hurdle of learning to blend sounds together, and it’s no fun to practice! This DVD turns reading practice into a fun activity that kids don’t have to sit still for; in fact, they are much better off if they get up and move along! HeidiSongs products were created for active learners, and this DVD is a great example of how you can harness the energy of your creative, wiggly learners and focus it where it is often needed the most.

This DVD solves the problem of learning to sound out words by setting all of the steps to music, making it FUN for all! And singing the letter sounds creates a natural bridge in that process of learning to blend the sounds together, because when you stretch out the sounds of a word, you are almost singing them already, just not on a certain “pitch.” When we learn to read by singing, the entire class sings the sounds of a word together, then blends them together, and then practices reading the words together!

Sound Blending Songs for Word Families DVDIt has been working like magic in Heidi’s classroom to help the children learn to read little three letter CVC words! Heidi’s students have never been more successful in learning to read until this CD was completed, and the DVD finished up the job for those that were still struggling by adding in the visual component for those that still needed more. We hope your students also greatly benefit from this highly recommended resource, which contains one song for each of the word families in the HeidiSongs CVC Book, Volume 1.

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Sound Blending Songs for Word Families

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-Sound Blending Songs - Visual Aid

-Sound Blending Song Movement and Lyric sheet

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