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CVC Vol. 2 Word Families Workbook

CVC Vol. 2 Word Families WorkbookThe CVC Book and Resource CD were designed to give children more practice reading words that have the "consonant-vowel-consonant" spelling pattern. CVC Word Families Workbook Vol. 2 has a new set of word families for the children to learn.  These types of words are supposed to be "easy" for children to read, and therefore tend to be glossed over by many publishing companies in their beginning reading materials. However, children often need extended practice in sounding out these three letter words in order to feel comfortable with them. They also need a chance to practice them within the context of the sight words that they are learning. Therefore, Heidi created the CVC resource workbook to give children the opportunity to practice these words along with the most basic sight words, and this is the second volume of the book, covering even more word families.

Includes 288 pages of worksheets, flashcards, and mini songbooks

Words Covered in Vol. 2 Are:
• Short A (–ad), (–ag), (–ap) Family Words: bag, gag, jag, lag, mag, rag, sag, tag, wag, bad, dad, fad, had, lad, mad, pad, sad, cap, gap, lap, map, nap, sap, tap, yap, zap
Short E (–ed), (–em) Family Words: bed, fed, led, red, Ted, wed, hem, them, Em
Short I (–id), (–im) Family Words: bid, did, hid, kid, lid, mid, rid, Sid, dim, him, Jim, Kim, rim, Tim
Short O (–od), (–og) Family Words: cod, log, nod, pod, rod, sod, bog, dog, fog, hog, jog
Short U (–ub), (–ud), (–um), (–up) Family Words: cub, rub, sub, tub, bud, cud, dud, mud, hum, gum, mum, sum, yum, cup, up, pup, yup

Sight words are introduced gradually, with only six basic sight words and six colors introduced in unit one with short vowel a. The included sight words increase to 23 plus the color words in the last unit with short vowel u.

Printable Resources Include:
* Flash cards for 13 different CVC word families
* Five different types of reading worksheets plus several sound sort worksheets for each vowel sound unit

* Flash cards in large format for whole group practice, and small format for homework practice

* Worksheets with “fill in the blank” format for writing practice and “cut and paste” format for fine motor fun

* Simple, child-like pictures that are appealing to children and fun to color

* Sound Sort worksheets to help develop phonemic awareness

* Flash cards for sound sorts or games.

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For some CVC and word family SONGS, check out my Word Family Songs DVD here!

Printable Download - $10.00
• Includes Downloadable, Digital Files (.pdf) of workbook Masters

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