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Benchmark Kindergarten - Sight Words Supplemental Materials

These packets include supplemental materials, morning work, homework, literacy groups, small group activities, flashcards, worksheets, and more! They include pages from HeidiSongs products to align with Units 1-10 of the Benchmark Advance Grade Kindergarten High Frequency Words. This product bundles all units 1-10 together one big bundle. Individual Units can be found on TPT linked below. *Although we have licensed some of our videos to Benchmark, this product is not affiliated or sponsored by Benchmark*

Aligns with Kindergarten Benchmark High Frequency Words and covers the following sight words:
Unit 1 - 174 pages: I, like, am, do, not, our, who
Unit 2 - 207 pages: the, we, go, see, walk, be, too, will
Unit 3 - 201 pages: can, she, A, at, eat, is, out, was
Unit 4 - 209 pages: has, he, on, little, play, white, good, in
Unit 5 - 235 pages: and, you, big, but, up, with, well, her, run
Unit 6 - 264 pages: for, no, jump, one, down, over, did, going, so, house
Unit 7 - 156 pages: are, have, said, two, help, just
Unit 8 - 156 pages: look, me, come, here, yes, it
Unit 9 - 215 pages: my, to, came, made, make, of, what, new
Unit 10 - 211 pages: put, ride, want, saw, this, can, look, go

Includes Resources/Pages from the following HeidiSongs Products:

Benchmark Workbook exampleSing & Spell Workbook pages - 3 different worksheets for each word, and songbook:

- Tracing the whole word or part of it, and filling in the missing letters
- Writing the letters printed in boxes that are sized to fit each letter. The purpose of this is to help children notice the general shape of the word.
- Visual discrimination. These are activities that force the child to look carefully at words that look similar and find the ones that match the target word exactly. Think of this as “aerobics for the eyes;” it helps children develop the visual acuity needed in order to read and write.
- Coloring the word printed in hollow block letters, and “Rainbow Writing” the word, which is tracing the word with several different colors. For this, colored pencils or markers work best.
- Writing the sight words in sentences with a “fill in the blank” format.
- Reading comprehension- reading the word in a sentence, circling it, and illustrating its meaning
- Writing- write your own sentence using the target sight word.

Sing & Spell Hidden Sight Word Worksheets:
Children use their visual discrimination, phonics, and reading skills to find the target word and color in the section that it is in. When finished correctly, the word itself is shown!

Sing & Spell “cloze” Worksheets: This set of worksheets are formatted to be a “cloze” activity. A cloze activity is one where key words are left out of the passage, and the student guesses the missing word, using contextual clues.

Sing & Spell Velcro Manipulatives:
This “Velcro Manipulative” project is designed to provide a hands-on way for children to practice reading and building the given sight words, without ever needing to use a pencil or crayon.

Sight Word Centers Ideas: Tips and tricks to help with literacy center group management, and literacy center ideas and instructions.

Sight Word Wands & Jenga House:
Let kids look at the tubes/wands without opening them and try to match them to the correct sight word and write it down on the recording sheet provided. Write words on Jenga blocks and have kids match them to the word blocks on the house.

Check out Heidi's blog for more information on using these Benchmark Supplement Materials!

Units 1-10 - 2,028 pages - Printable Download - $85.00 (Save $25!)
• Includes ALL of the units and words listed in Units 1-10 
• Includes Downloadable, Digital Files (.pdf) of B/W Masters

©Heidi Butkus - All HeidiSongs materials, including CDs, DVDs, streaming media, printable files and printed books, are for use in ONE classroom. HeidiSongs Copyright Policy is here.