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Benchmark TK - Supplemental Materials

This packet contains HeidiSongs materials to supplement and compliment the Benchmark Ready to Advance English Language Arts TK program. Since Ready to Advance also includes math, we have included some math resources as well! Please note that there is no music nor video included in this set. *Although we have licensed some of our videos to Benchmark, this product is not affiliated or sponsored by Benchmark*

Aligns with TK Benchmark Ready to Advance English Language Arts program and covers the following:
Unit 1 - 210 pages: red, circle, the, like, to, & Concepts of Print!
Unit 2 - 352 pages: blue, yellow, green, square, A (word), is, it, this, Letters: M, A, Numbers: 0, 1, 2, 3, more, less, and equal, & Round is a Pancake!
Unit 3 - 360 pages: orange, purple, brown, white, rectangle, are, here, my, we, Letters: S, T, I, N, Number: 4, & The Hen's Walk!
Unit 4 - 230 pages: black, gray, pink, triangle, heart, can, see, you, Letters: F, O, L, Number: 5 & Dinner's Ready & Parts of a Story!
Unit 5 - 274 pages: hexagon, diamond, rhombus, do, what, with, Letter: P, Number: 6, & Find the Number 1-30, Holiday Traditions Easy Reader!
Unit 6 - 420 pages: trapezoid, cube, find, in, on, where, Letters: C, U, B, H, Number: 7 & Look Out, Fishies!, My Seasons Book!
Unit 7 - 375 pages: black, brown, come, go, look, me, Letters: E, R, D, L, Number: 8, & Hundred's Day Chart & Hat, CVC Short E Worksheets!
Unit 8 - 236 pages: cylinder, and, from, have, were, Letters: G, J, K, V, Number: 9 & CVC I Spy Easy Reader, Sounds Fun Sh- worksheets!
Unit 9 - 373 pages: big, for, good, little, make, Letters: Z, Y, W, X, Number: 10 & CVC Pockets, Coin Trading Game, Butterfly Add & Subtract Worksheets!
Unit 10 - 327 pages: down, help, not, play, up, Letter: Q, & The Zoo Book CVC Puzzles, Subtraction Book & Games!

Examples of some of the Resources/Pages that are included from the following HeidiSongs Products:

Benchmark Kindergarten - ABC/CVC Supplemental MaterialsAlphabet Vol. 1 & 2 Workbook & Alphabet Flashcards & Songbook: 4 different worksheets for each letter, including writing practice and visual discrimination, plus upper and lower case alphabet flashcards

Sing & Spell Vol. 1 - Workbook, Mini-Songbooks, and FlashcardsSing & Spell Workbooks: Includes three different practice sheets  and one mini-songbook for each sight word to reinforce sight word recognition, such as:
• Trace both whole and part of the word and then fill in the missing letters.
• Visual discrimination - circle the correct word amongst several “look alike” words.
• Write the letters of the word in boxes sized to each letter, to help children recognize the general shape of the word.
• Write the sight words in sentences with a “fill in the blank” format.
• Reading comprehension - read the word in a sentence, circle it, and illustrate its meaning.
• Mini-Songbooks include fun illustrations of the hand motions from the song.


Shape Creatures WorksheetsCounting Creatures Worksheets
This set of worksheets was designed to give children a fun way to practice drawing the shapes and shape recognition.  It is my hope that your students will find these whimsical creatures fun and motivational!  Please note that we have made an effort to provide a variety of worksheets so that you will be able to pick and choose the most appropriate ones for your class, considering the level that they are at and the time that you have.

Units 1-5 -1,426 pages - Printable Download - $75.00
• Includes the following units and words:
Unit 1 - I, like, am, do, not, our, who
Unit 2 - the, we, go, see, walk, be, too, will
Unit 3 - can, she, A, at, eat, is, out, was
Unit 4 - has, he, on, little, play, white, good, in
Unit 5 - and, you, big, but, up, with, well, her, run
• Includes Downloadable, Digital Files (.pdf) of B/W Masters

Units 6-10 - 1.731 pages - Printable Download - $75.00
• Includes the following units and words:
Unit 6 - 264 pages: for, no, jump, one, down, over, did, going, so, house
Unit 7 - 156 pages: are, have, said, two, help, just
Unit 8 - 156 pages: look, me, come, here, yes, it
Unit 9 - 215 pages: my, to, came, made, make, of, what, new
Unit 10 - 211 pages: put, ride, want, saw, this, can, look, go
• Includes Downloadable, Digital Files (.pdf) of B/W Masters

Units 1-10 - 3,157 pages - Printable Download - $125.00 (Save $25!)
• Includes ALL of the units and words listed in Units 1-10 
• Includes Downloadable, Digital Files (.pdf) of B/W Masters

©Heidi Butkus - All HeidiSongs materials, including CDs, DVDs, streaming media, printable files and printed books, are for use in ONE classroom. HeidiSongs Copyright Policy is here.