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Alphabet Trace & Sound Practice

Alphabet Trace and Sound CircleWorksheets to help students learn how to correctly write their letters, upper and lower case, along with letter sound practice! One easy worksheet per letter! This is a GREAT resource for T-K and for the beginning of the year for Kindergarteners to refresh on their letter formation!

These worksheets are a great way to help kids learn to write the alphabet letters and practice the letter sounds on just ONE sheet of paper! It's perfect for the teacher that needs to make the most of every single minute, or for those kids that can only focus long enough to just do one page, but need to practice both letter formation and sounds. There are two formats provided: one has boxes to write the letters in, and the other has lined paper to write on for the children that are ready for that.

First, kids look at the pictures and circle the ones that start with the beginning sound of the given letter. Then, they practice tracing that letter twice, and write it two-three times on their own, starting at the "dot" provided. If there is any time left, children may wish to color the pictures. These worksheets are simple and shouldn't take more than ten minutes to complete. Easy peasy!

Includes 53 pages: Alphabet A-Z, two worksheet formats per letter.

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