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Letter of the Week Focus Wall Set

These flashcards are designed to display on a Letter of the Week pocket chart for your focus wall! They can also be used for sound sorts, or match to their corresponding beginning sound letter!

This Letter of the Week Alphabet Bundle has six beginning sounds pictures for each letter (except X) in both color and black and white. Each picture flash card measures just three inches square, which is the perfect size for most classroom pocket charts, and also works great for sorting pictures in small groups! The alphabet flash cards are presented in both full page (8.5 x 11 inch) format and the smaller 3” x 3” format that works well in pocket charts.

Includes 244 pages:
• Letter of the Week header/signs for bulletin board in both color and black and white
1 upper, 1 lowercase 8.5x11" & 3x3" flashcard for each letter of the alphabet for both simple letters and letter formation
• 6 colored and 6 black & white 3x3" flashcards for each letter of the alphabet

• Colored Alphabet Poster flashcards sized 3x3" for each letter
• Letter Formation Poems with letter formation in B&W and colored "Sky, Grass, Dirt"
• Sample Cookie Sheet Activity with Plastic Letters (plastic letters not included), in both color and B&W

This set goes along perfectly with our Alphabet Workbooks, Volume One and Volume Two! Together with our Animated Alphabet video and our Singable Songs for Letters and Sounds songs, we’ve got everything you need for teaching the letters and sounds right here in one place.

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Printable Download - $5.00
• Includes Downloadable, Digital Files (.pdf) of  Colored & B/W Masters

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