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Singable Songs Songbook, Flashcards & Bingo

Singable Songs Flashcards & BingoThese files can be used to print and bind a songbook for your children to read along with the songs. It can be used in a listening center, or simply placed in your classroom or home library. Upper & lower case letter flashcards can provide reinforcement while singing the songs, learning drills, or games in the classroom. They are also great to send home with the children so that their parents can help them learn their letters at home. 
There are three sets of bingo games included:  Capital Letter Bingo,and Lowercase Letter Bingo, and a set of beginning sound cards so that you can play the bingo games as Beginning Sound Bingo!  All you have to do is show them the picture card and ask them what sound it starts with.  Then they look for that letter!  This is a great way to practice both beginning sound identification AND letter recognition at the same time!

In Heidi's class, a fully covered card counts as a bingo, and the group just keeps playing until EVERYONE gets a bingo, so EVERYONE is a winner.  Hooray!!!  This game can be played in large and small groups. You can use the large or small alphabet flashcards for the calling cards.

Includes 166 pages: Songbook, flashcards for both upper and lowercase letters, and three bingo games

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