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Counting Creatures Vol. 2 Workbook

Counting Creatures Vol. 2 WorkbookThis workbook is designed to give children practice counting, identifying, and writing the numbers from 11-20. These tricky numbers are often very difficult for children to master, and take a lot of extra repetition and reinforcement before children recognize them with automaticity. Also, counting out quantities greater than ten can also be a challenge for many children, and requires extra practice. This workbook provides a motivational resource for teachers to use to send home for homework and for practice at school. Many elements of the worksheets can also be used as the basis for learning centers and games, simply by copying them onto cardstock, cutting, and laminating them. Watch Heidi’s blog for more specific ideas for math learning centers and games!

Includes 102 pages with NINE different worksheet formats to help reinforce number identification from 11-20: 
• An interactive, count & move along poem to make into a booklet and read aloud in class.
• Counting practice pages include the following formats: Count & Circle, Write the Missing Number, Cut & Paste, Count & Color, and Trace & Write Numeral Practice Pages.
• Fun pages to “Draw the Missing Parts” are included to encourage creativity, so that children can draw their own robots and monsters with the correct number of body parts.
• Pages are progressive in difficulty. Each worksheet format begins with the smallest quantities and works its way up to the pages with the largest amounts at the end of the section.

Check out Heidi's blog for more information on Counting Creatures 11-20:
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Printable Download - $10.00
• Includes Downloadable, Digital Files (.pdf) of workbook Masters

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