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Musical Math Vol. 1 Resource CD

The Musical Math Resource CD includes the following printable files:
* Sing-Along Songbook and Visual Aids set
* Addition Book and other games
* The Subtraction "Lift the Flap" Book and other games
* Math Games including - Coin Trading Games, Estimation Chart, 3-D Shapes Graph.

Musical Math Vol. 1 Resource CDSample from Addition Book
Includes a cute little Addition Book that the children decorate with thumbprints, using a spring time theme. The book has one page for each addition song for a total of eight separate pages to help kids memorize the basic addition facts with sums up to ten. The games include “Fuzzy Wuzzy,” which plays like Blackjack, but with the goal being sums to seven rather than 21. There is also an “Addition With Manipulatives” activity and recording sheet, in which children make their own addition problems up using two different colors of manipulatives, and then record their equations.

Musical Math Vol. 1 Resource CDSample from Games and Activities 
This set includes the various games, including activities for learning about coins, estimation, comparing sets, volume shapes. Includes an Estimation Chart, More, Less, & Equal Game, and a Three-D Shape Graph.

Musical Math Vol. 1 Resource CDSample from Subtraction Lift the Flap Book
This set includes a fun lift the flap Subtraction Book for the children to make with a zoo animal theme. Children as young as Kindergarten can complete this book with little help, since the bodies or heads of the animals are started for them with dotted lines. All that they have to do is trace the lines and add the missing features of the animals, such as the legs, tail, and face, etc.

Musical Math Vol. 1 Resource CDSample from Sing-Along Songbook and Visual Aid Book
This set includes the masters to print out the Sing Along Songbook for the entire Musical Math CD, which makes a great listening center. It also includes the visual aid booklet for the “Alphabet Action” song, which has one page for each letter to flip through and show the children while singing the song. There is also a three page visual aid booklet to hold while singing the “What Comes Next?” song, so that the children can see each written number that they are singing.

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