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Jumpin' Numbers 11-30 - Vol. 2 DVD

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Jumpin Number Vol 2 DVD

The second installment of Jumpin' Numbers, volume two introduces the more advanced 11-30 numbers. This Heidisongs product is ideal for a child who has already mastered numbers 1-10 and is ready for the challenge of those tricky teen and twenty numbers. It contains a separate song for each of the numbers 11-30 to help children learn to identify and write these tricky numbers out of order. These simple songs also help the children remember difficult concepts such as the difference between the numbers twelve and twenty-one, or what a twenty, thirty, or fifteen looks like. These catchy songs are targeted toward Pre-K and Kindergarten learners. Download the printable song lyrics and movements for fun and active learning. Get your child moving and learning with Jumpin' Numbers volume two!

Numbers Covered Are: eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty.

Jumpin' Numbers Vol. 2 DVD - Basic - $20 (Save $10)
• Jumpin' Numbers Vol. 2 DVD
-PLUS the following Printable Downloads-
• 0-30 Number Pattern Blocks 
• Hidden Numbers 1-30 Worksheets
PLUS Bonus Freebies! 

Jumpin' Numbers Vol. 2 DVD - Premium - $35 (Save $23)
• Jumpin' Numbers Vol. 2 DVD
-PLUS the following Printable Downloads-
• 0-30 Number Pattern Blocks 
• Hidden Numbers 1-30 Worksheets
• Counting Creatures Vol. 2 Workbook
• Odd & Even Worksheets 
• Matching Sets 11-30 Worksheets
• 1-100 Counting Picture Book Worksheets 
• Halloween Boo! Game 
• Barnyard Bang! Game 
PLUS Bonus Freebies!

PLUS Bonus Printable Download Freebies Included in Both Basic and Premium Add-Ons:
• Blast Off! Whole Group Counting Game
• Christmas Counting 11-30 Worksheets
• The Numbers Club
• Number Trees
• Pumpkin Patch Counting 0-30 Worksheets
• Spider Numbers 1-30 Worksheets
• Jumpin' Numbers & Shapes 0-30 User Guide

Jumpin' Numbers Vol. 2 DVDMulti-sensory Learning Methods Multi-sensory learning includes using multiple senses simultaneously to teach and practice the material, thus increasing the number of pathways around the brain able to absorb and retain the information.
The movement of the hands work to activate the muscle memory that some children need to help them remember the name of that number or shape. As an added bonus, many of the motions mimic the form of the number or shape.

Check out Heidi's blog for more information on Jumpin' Numbers Vol. 2:
-Those Tricky Teens and Twenties
-Building Primary Math Concepts

More information on what is included in the Basic and Premium Combos!

Basic DVD includes the following 2 printable downloads:

Includes Number Pattern Blocks 0-30 Printable Download
0-30 Number Pattern Block CardThis resource is designed to help children notice the shape of each number from zero through thirty by rebuilding it with pattern blocks and can be used as an open ended math center, or in a directed lesson. The printable masters are provided in both color and black and white. Includes: 62 cards for numbers 0-30, including full color number block designs and matching B/W number designs for a different challenge, with 6 pattern block templates.

Includes Hidden Numbers 1-30 Worksheets Printable Download
Hidden Numbers 1-30 WorksheetsThese fun worksheets are a hit with Heidi's students! Children use their visual discrimination to find the target quantities of objects and color in the sections that they are in. When finished correctly, the numerals themselves are shown! The children LOVE this, and enjoy proudly showing off their finished papers. These worksheets also make a great resource for homework or independent class time, since they are practically self checking.
31 pages - B/W worksheets to support counting skills and number identification.

Premium DVD includes the above 2 printable downloads, plus the following 6 printable downloads:

Includes Counting Creatures Vol. 2 Workbook Printable Download
Counting Creatures Vol. 2 WorkbookIncludes 102 pages with NINE different worksheet formats to help reinforce number identification from 11-20: 
• An interactive, count & move along poem to make into a booklet and read aloud in class.
• Counting practice pages include the following formats: Count & Circle, Write the Missing Number, Cut & Paste, Count & Color, and Trace & Write Numeral Practice Pages.
• Fun pages to “Draw the Missing Parts” are included to encourage creativity, so that children can draw their own robots and monsters with the correct number of body parts.
• Pages are progressive in difficulty. Each worksheet format begins with the smallest quantities and works its way up to the pages with the largest amounts at the end of the section.

Includes Odd & Even Worksheets Printable Download
Odd & Even WorksheetsIncludes 20 worksheets with hidden odd and even numbers for kids to find and color!
These worksheets are fun because the coloring patterns within the pictures themselves give the children a clue to help them figure out the answers if they are a little unsure. First, make sure that the students understand what odd and even numbers are. Then, simply explain and model the process of finding a number, deciding if it is odd or even, and then coloring it. Most children catch on to this quite easily. You may wish to guide them through as they find each number, help them decide if the number is odd or even, and then have them circle either the odds or the evens.

Includes Matching Number Worksheets 11-30 Printable Download
Matching Numbers Worksheets 11-30This set of worksheets is designed to help children practice counting out sets of numbers from 11-30 and matching them to the correct numeral. Features fun Winter and Spring theme with snowmen, penguins, Eskimos, snow hats, mittens, and also some with hearts and bunnies, etc. Great to use as a math center activity, or for extra practice and homework, plus the kids just love to color the pictures after!

Includes 13 Worksheets, with match number sets 11-30.

Includes 1-100 Counting Picture Book Worksheets Printable Download
1-100 Worksheets Printable Download1-100 Worksheets Printable DownloadWorksheets include ten different graphing worksheets, ten worksheets for practice in number sequencing, 30 'Connect the Dots' featuring three different ways of counting by ones, or by two’s, or by five’s, plus 15 coloring pages, all with the fun characters and artwork from the 1-100 Counting Book!
Worksheets Include: 66 Worksheet pages - 8-1/2 x 11"

Includes Halloween Boo! Game Printable Download
Halloween Boo! GameThis printable game with a Halloween theme helps kids practice sight words, numbers 0-20, and the concepts of more, less, and equal. Includes blank cards so that you can modify the game to include your own sight words, etc.

Includes 24 sight word cards, 0-20 number cards plus blank cards.

Includes Barnyard Bang! Game Printable Download
Barnyard Bang! GameThis printable game works great with your Thanksgiving or farm animal units. It practices sight words, color words, alphabet, the numbers 0-30, ordinal numbers, and sorting. Includes blank cards so that you can modify the game to include your own sight words, etc. 
Includes 26 pages of sight & color word cards, alphabet, 0-30 number cards plus blank cards.

Jumpin' Numbers 11-30 - Vol. 2

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