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Letters and Sounds - Animated DVD

Online video available on Vimeo

Letters and Sounds - Animated DVDThese award winning, animated videos contain songs written to help children memorize the alphabet, letter sounds, letter formation and much more!  There is a unique song for every letter of the alphabet and includes the sound of the letter, and a reference to what the letter looks like or how it is formed.  With the letters written out onscreen and fun movements choreographed to help with memorization, these fun songs help children easily memorize both the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet as they begin reading.

Concepts Covered Are:
Alphabet Action, The A Song, The B Song, The C Song, The D Song, The E Song, The F Song, The G Song, The H Song, The I Song, The J Song, The K Song, The L Song, The M Song, The N Song, The O Song, The P Song, The Q Song, The R Song, The S Song, The T Song, The U Song, The V Song, The W Song, The X Song, The Y Song, The Z Song. There are also three other songs that practice all of the letters and their sounds from A-Z.

Extras Include:
Alphabet Action, Sounds to Letters, and the ABC Song, which include all the letters and motions together.

Letters and Sounds - Animated DVDAs primary teachers know, most states now require that children in Kindergarten begin to read within a couple of months of the beginning of the school year. Children as young as four and a half years old must internalize the alphabet and sounds quickly so that they can keep up with the prescribed curriculum at the pace that has been set by the school district and state. In Heidi's California district, children are expected to know all 52 letters, at least 20 sounds, and be able to read at least ten words by the middle of November. Unfortunately, this means that when many children start school for the very first time, they are already behind.

Heidi says, "When writing my alphabet songs, what I needed was a fun way to introduce and/or review the alphabet, without boring the rest of the class that came in already knowing it. I needed an activity that would work for ALL of my students at the same time, with just ONE teacher and NO extra help. And what I came up with in the process was something that also works for toddlers and preschoolers, as well!"

And here’s why:
* In each song, the child either forms the letter with his or her body, or draws the letter in the air while singing about its shape. (For example, they hold their hands up in a V shape while singing the V song, etc.) This forces the child to notice the shape of each letter, rather than just passively look at a flash card in a teacher’s hand.
* As the children sing and dance about the shape and sound of each letter, this exercise is sending oxygen to the brain, which enhances learning.
* This exercise also releases endorphins, a hormone in the body associated with feelings of well being.
* When children laugh at a lyric that they find amusing, the brain releases a shot of dopamine that also makes them happy and helps them to remember what they are learning.
* Successful, happy learners are more likely to cooperate with the adults in their lives, and like school. This makes it easier for loving parents to send their children off to school each day.

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Letters and Sounds - Animated

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