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Sounds Fun Phonics Poster

Sounds Fun Phonics PosterThis 22 x 34" poster is the perfect way to display all of the phonics cards at once in a small space! Heidi finds it to be an essential part of any writing demonstration lesson to be done whole group, because when children need to know why a certain word is spelled with a certain spelling pattern, all of the cards are right there in view without any searching, right at eye level. Don't be without at least one of these vital tools! Heidi recommends stapling the posters onto a stiff piece of poster board or on a tri-fold presentation foam board so that it can be moved around as needed and displayed anywhere at all. She also has a second poster stapled to the wall in a permanent location. Then make copies of the child size 8.5 x 11 copy that is included with the cards, and use at desks for easy viewing for journaling assignments. Heidi also sends a copy of it home with the children to use for home work writing assignments.

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