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Sight Words 2 - Video

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Sing & Spell the Sight Words - Volume 2 - Animated DVD

HeidiSongs sight words songs and animated videos help children learn to read and spell some of the most commonly used high frequency words, including the color words, Dolch, and Fry List words!  With the words written out onscreen and fun movements to help kids remember, these 30 learning songs for kids help children easily learn the site words and how to spell them as they begin writing. The fun animation on screen will help keep kids engaged and happy while they are actively learning, too!  Focusing on the color words, this DVD contains songs that spell that all children enjoy and will want to sing over and over again. This is highly beneficial to emergent readers and writers!  Early childhood professionals agree that multi-sensory learning methods such as our word songs with movements are the very best way to teach young children to read!  This teaching method works very well for students with special needs, such as ADHD, ADD, autism, dyslexia, learning disabilities, and other developmental delays!

Many of these videos have even been included in nationally adopted and acclaimed Benchmark Advance curriculum! For even more practice in foundational skills, the last two songs remind kids to start each sentence with a capital letter, and  to put a space between each word.  And- no DVD player?  No problem!  You can rent our videos and stream them online for a minimal yearly fee on Uscreen.

Words Covered Are:

red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, white, gray, pink, an, at, big, do, down, has, in, it, no/yes, not, small, this, too, up, we, what, who. Plus, it includes two punctuation songs; one for capitals, and one for spaces between the words.

Sight Words 2 DVD - Deluxe - $20 (Save $10)
• Sight Words 2 DVD
-PLUS the following Printable Downloads-
• Sight Words 2 - Songbook & Worksheets
• Sight Words 2 - Sight Word Puzzles
• Sight Words 2 - Velcro Manipulatives
PLUS Bonus Freebies! 

Sight Words 2 DVD - Premium - $35 (Save $10)
• Sight Words 2 DVD
-PLUS the following Printable Downloads-
• Sight Words 2 - Songbook & Worksheets
• Sight Words 2 - Sight Word Puzzles
• Sight Words 2 - Velcro Manipulatives
• Sight Words 2 - Workbook, Flashcards, & Mini-Songbook 
• Sight Words 2 - Hidden Sight Word Worksheets 
PLUS Bonus Freebies!

PLUS Bonus Printable Download Freebies Included in Both Deluxe and Premium Add-Ons:
• Christmas Sight Word Santa
• Sing & Spell Sight Word User Guide
• Sing & Spell Vol. 2 Lyrics & Movements
• Documentation Master
• Sentence Writing Sheet
• Shamrock Surprise Worksheets
• Sight Word Santa
• Sight Word Splat Frame
• Sight Words Wand Recording Sheet
• Turkey Tails Sight Words
• Valentine Color by Sight Word
• Wandering Word Wall
• Writing Rubric Kindergarten

The Importance of Sight Words
“Sight word” is the term that many teachers use to describe a word in written English that cannot be sounded out, and therefore must be memorized and learned on sight. The reason that most sight words cannot be sounded out is because they do not follow the regular spelling and phonics patterns that are often taught to children when they are beginning to read. For example, in the word, “the,” the reader must first recognize that the “th” together forms one sound /th/, and the “e” makes neither the short or long /e/ sound, but a short /u/ sound. Likewise, the word, “said” may start and end phonetically, but the middle of the word has short /e/ sound spelled with two letters (“ai”) that are not sounded at all.

In addition, when the children find the words or movements amusing, they are also more likely to remember that song/word, since it touched their emotional side as well. All of this adds up to a learning tool that can reach even special needs children in a regular classroom setting, while at the same time keeping the faster learners happy and challenged as well- because ALL kids learn best when learning is FUN and ACTIVE!

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More information on what is included in the Basic and Premium Combos!

Deluxe DVD includes the following three printable downloads:

Includes Sight Words 2 - Songbook & Worksheets Printable Download
Sing & Spell Vol. 2 - Songbook & WorksheetsThis set of worksheets is actually a "cloze" activity that uses the words to each song. On each sheet, the words to the song are written out for the child. However, each time the child comes to the "target" word of the song, there is a blank space for him to fill in the word. This allows the child to practice writing the target word several times, but within the context of the song. For added help, the first time the word comes up in the song, the blank has traceable letters for the child to practice writing that word on the space. After that, he or she simply fills in each blank space with the missing word.  Includes 121 pages: Instructions, all 29 sight words found on Sing & Spell Vol. 2, with 3 sets, Upper Case, Lower Case, and DNealian Models.

Includes Sight Words 2 Sight Word Puzzles
Sing & Spell Vol. 2 - Sight Word PuzzlesIncludes one simple puzzle for each of the words in Sight Words 2. All you have to do is print them out on card stock, laminate them, and cut them apart. The children then fit the pieces of the word together to form their sight words. You may wish to add Velcro to the backs of the puzzle pieces to help them hold together better and make them even more fun! Includes all words in 3 formats: solid black, outlined (for you to color), & blank (for special fonts or for kids to build the puzzles on top of). Includes: 67 pages, with 3 kinds of puzzles for each word.

Includes Sight Words 2 Velcro Book Manipulatives Printable Download
Sing & Spell Vol. 2 - Velcro Book ManipulativeThis project is designed to provide a hands-on way for children to practice reading and building the given sight words without ever needing to use a pencil or crayon. To build it, simply print, cut, glue onto a file folder, laminate, and add velcro. File folder and velcro not included in purchase. This is a great addition to your Language Arts program and perfect for children that hate pencil and paper work, but still need the experience of completing a spelling worksheet. It also makes a great independent language arts word work center that can be re-used often!
Includes 182 pages of PDF project files for all of the 29 sight words found on Sing & Spell Vol. 2 with instructions for use.

Premium DVD includes the above 3 printable downloads, plus the following 2 printable downloads:

Includes Sight Words 2 Workbook Printable Download
Sing & Spell Vol. 2 - Workbook, Mini-Songbooks, and FlashcardsIncludes 165 pages with three different practice sheets for each word to reinforce sight word recognition, such as:
• Trace both whole and part of the word and then fill in the missing letters.
• Visual discrimination - circle the correct word amongst several “look alike” words.
• Write the letters of the word in boxes sized to each letter, to help children recognize the general shape of the word.
• Write the sight words in sentences with a “fill in the blank” format.
• Reading comprehension - read the word in a sentence, circle it, and illustrate its meaning.
• Mini-Songbooks include fun illustrations of the hand motions from the song.

Includes Sight Words 2 Hidden Sight Word Puzzles
These fun worksheets are a hit with Heidi's students! Children use their visual discrimination and reading skills to find the target sight word and color in the section that it is in. When finished correctly, the word itself is revealed! The children LOVE this, and enjoy proudly showing off their finished papers. Kids have the option of coloring in the rest of the words or not at the teacher's discretion, allowing teachers to let this activity last a longer or shorter time as needed for classroom management purposes. These worksheets also make a great resource for homework or independent class time, since they are practically self checking. Includes 30 pages: A worksheet for 29 sight words found on Sight Words 2, plus instructions.

Sight Words 2 - Video

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