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Help Kids Learn To Read! 

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with these Sing-Along & Move-Along Activities!

Word Families help learning to read - sing along music dvd
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These active, catchy songs are the perfect way to help kindergarten, pre-k, or first grade kids learn to read word families, learn decoding strategies, blending sounds, rhyming words, phonics, phonemic awareness, and so much more! Perfect for your pre-reader, emergent reader, ESL or ELL students. These songs are especially helpful for special needs students, children with dyslexia, or anyone who needs to learn the decoding strategy of phoneme blending.

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Research Proven

Research shows that in order to get the best learning outcomes possible, children need to simultaneously use as many of their senses as they can when they practice.

Help Kids Learn To Read with phonics and cvc words
Music Videos Include:
  • Just Two Sounds
  • Little Two Letter Words
  • How Do You Sound It Out?
  • At Family Song
  • An Family Song
  • It Family Song
  • In Family Song
  • Ig Family Song
  • Ip Family Song
  • Op Family Song
  • Ot Family Song
  • Ox Family Song
  • Et Family Song
  • En Family Song
  • Eg Family Song
  • Ug Family Song
  • Ut Family Song
  • Un Family Song
  • Nonsense Words

What People Say

  • “All I have to say is Thank Goodness for Heidsongs DVDs!! Today was our 1st day of school. My TK kids can't sit still even for a single minute, so we did the Classroom Management & Jumpin' Numbers and Shakin' Shapes DVDs. They really loved that. We'll be playing these DVDs daily. Thank you Heidi!”
    — Janice

  • “I would just like to send my sincere thanks to HeidiSongs for helping my students confidently learn their sounds and sight words. I work at a very remote aboriginal school in outback Western Australia and the children just LOVE all of your songs. They beg me to play them every day and I have had the most astounding results in class recognition of sounds and sight words.”
    — Meredith

  • “Thank God I found your blog with all the useful tips on teaching CVC words and that led me to your videos… by the way on the second day of trying out your ideas my son was able to read 10/10 CVC words! He received a student of the week certificate that week for learning to read! Thank you once again!”
    — Elizabeth

  • “I teach a k-2 self contained developmentally delayed class. I have a student that had not learned his colors and was going on 6 years of age. I got him and through different stages of using your color songs he learned all of them this year and has started to join in the singing of songs and I bet next year he will verbally be able to spell them along with much more. Sharing this with you makes me smile from ear to ear and gives me such heart felt happiness. Thank you!!”
    — Kristen

  • “I started using the phonics and cvc songs with my class this week and they loved them! (of course!) The word family songs really help the kids understand stretching out the sounds and blending the sounds together. Even the lower kids in my class picked up on it really quick!”
    — Kelly

  • “We just started using your Sounds Fun Phonics program this week and many of my kids know most of the motions and sounds after only a few times! Amazing! I just love this! Great CCSS alignment for writing. Yeah!”
    — Rhonda

  • “Your materials are amazing! My principal has given me 100% support because she is seeing the results! Normally we have to follow our districts curricula but I made a proposal, presented your info along with the common core and won! Thanks again!!”
    — Krista

  • “When I came across Heidisongs, I knew it was the perfect program for me to teach. I am pleased to say that as of today 34 out of 46 of my kindergarten students can fluently read the 58 sight words that are expected of them by the end of kindergarten. 34 of 46 and we still have two months left!!!!! AMAZING! Thanks Heidi!”
    — Ashley

  • “I recently purchased the Singable Songs for Letters and Sounds and my preschoolers love it! They can't wait till its time to sing our letter of the week. On Friday we have been singing all the ones we have learned so far. So far their favorite is B and M! And they really are learning their letters. Thank you!!”
    — Nicole

  • “I have taught for 29 years and this is the best set of guidelines for teaching reading I have ever used. I will continue to add to my resources as my money allows. I definitely feel that since teachers often spend their own money for their classroom, these resources are well worth using my own money to help my kids. Again, thanks soooo much!”
    — Kathryn

  • “My students and I are so thankful for your work. One of my students asked me to tell you that "You write the 'bestest' songs ever". They truly love your DVDs, and I love all they learn from them.”
    — Amanda

  • “I was introducing our new spelling words today. When I wrote "king" on the board my class suddenly broke out in song singing "i-n-g spells ing like king, bow to the king, bow to the king ...." I just turned around and smiled and watched my WHOLE CLASS sing your song!!! Thank you so much!!!”
    — Nadine

  • “Just wanted to thank you and let you know that you have made a difference to my son. He was just diagnosed with PDD-NOS last June 18. He doesn't really talk but is able to repeat or say words just not really in complete sentences. He started kindergarten this September and his teacher has your DVDs. My son loves it, especially the 'Singable Songs' for Letters and Sounds". It just makes me happy to see him so excited about your DVDs.”
    — Ricci

  • “I started using HeidiSongs last year with the sight word DVDs, and it has taken off from there! It was the first time almost every child knew their color words by the first grading period, and I KNOW it was because of the HeidiSongs DVD. The worksheets are amazing too, and complement what we are doing in class.”
    — Karen

  • “I wanted to let you know how much my students and I LOVE the classroom management CD. It has been very helpful in establishing routines and procedures. Thank you!”
    — Joanie

  • “My principal came in for a 15 minute observation but she stayed over a hour !!! Later she told me she was having such fun she just couldn't stand to leave !!! Needless to say my scores are exceptionally high !!! So thanks to you for introducing you to me to such a fun teaching method!!!”
    — Janice

  • “Wow, this Phonics Word Building Kit is awesome! I've been looking for a good way to incorporate building words into K5. It seems like its so close to the end of the year when they really have the sounds to do traditional word ladders. These cards would help them be successful so much earlier!”
    — Donna

  • “Just a note of thanks for creating the DVD's for learning the alphabet, sounds, numbers and shapes. My children love the movements and songs. It makes learning FUN. I am truly pleased!!!!”
    — Pam

  • “These sight word CDs and DVDs are brilliant! The kids love them so much! When we are singing and dancing around, they don't even know that they are learning a very important skill! I can't thank you enough for all the wonderful ideas you share with all of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
    — Barbara

  • “I have to say that my PreK class soars with Heidi's materials. I have been thrilled with everything I have purchased for my class. We have 0 dollars for a budget so it's all out of pocket and I have never been disappointed!”
    — La Ray