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Heidi's Perfect Classroom Combo

Includes ALL of the following items:

Heidi's Complete CD & DVD Combo
• Sing & Spell Vols. 1-6 CDs and DVDs
• Singable Songs for Letters & Sounds CD
• Letters & Sounds Animated DVD
• Word Family Songs Animated DVD and CD
• Jumpin' Numbers Vol. 1 CD
• Jumpin' Numbers Vol. 2 CD 
• Number Jumble 0-30 Animated DVD
• Little Songs for Language Arts CD and DVD
• Musical Math Vol. 1 CD and Animated DVD
• Musical Math Vol. 2 CD and Animated DVD
• Sounds Fun Phonics CD and Animated DVD
• Music for Classroom Management CD and DVD 
• Colors and Shapes Animated DVD 
• Music with Mother Goose: Nursery Rhymes CD and DVD

Printed Materials
• Jumpin' Numbers & Shakin' Shapes Poster & Printed Flashcard Set
• Sounds Fun Phonics Poster & Printed Card Set
• Little Songs Printable Projects Resource CD
• Alphabet Action Picture Book 

Extra Workbooks, Worksheets, Games & Activities Printable Files on Disc
• Sing & Spell Vols. 1-6 Workbooks (Printable Files on Disc)
• CVC Vol. 1 & 2 Word Family Workbooks (Printable Files on Disc)
• Counting Creatures Vol. 1 & 2 Workbooks (Printable Files on Disc)
• Alphabet Vol. 1 & 2 Workbooks (Printable Files on Disc)
• Sounds Fun Phonics Vol. 1 & 2 Workbook (Printable Files on Disc)
• Letters & Sounds Songbook, Flashcards, & Bingo (Printable Files on Disc)
• Jumpin' Numbers Songbook (Printable Files on Disc)
• Jumpin' Numbers Bingo Activity (Printable Files on Disc)
• Counting Creatures Addition Worksheets (Printable Files on Disc)
• Counting Creatures Subtraction Worksheets (Printable Files on Disc)
• Alphabet Pattern Block Masters (Printable Files on Disc)
• 0-30 Number Pattern Block Masters (Printable Files on Disc)
• Sounds Fun Word Building (Printable Files on Disc)
• Sounds Fun Bingo Game (Printable Files on Disc)
• Sounds Fun Bang Game (Printable Files on Disc)

This combo has absolutely everything in it to help bring Heidi into your classroom! The set includes Heidi's Complete CD & DVD Combo, with their corresponding workbook masters on disc to go along with it.  You also get the printed flashcards and posters of Jumpin' Numbers and Sounds Fun Phonics that Heidi always uses while teaching. The materials included will help you take your little ones from non-readers to readers, and from little counters into mathematicians!

Language arts concepts include: Alphabet, letter sounds, sound blending, CVC words, sight words, and beginning phonics.

Math concepts include: Number recognition from 0-30, the shapes, counting to 100, sorting, skip counting, coin recognition, estimation, comparing sets, volume shapes, addition, and subtraction.

This set has all of the basic HeidiSongs materials that Heidi used the most in her classroom to help meet the needs of both the low AND high achieving kindergarten students throughout the year.

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