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Counting Creatures Addition Worksheets

Counting Creatures Addition WorksheetsThis fun set of Addition worksheets features all the great Counting Creatures artwork with progressively difficult sums from 4 to 12. Each of the 90 worksheets is fun to do and many include opportunities to draw, count and color, to help polish their primary math skills. These worksheets help make math FUN!

Downloads of all 90 pages or smaller sets (on TPT) include:

Counting Creatures Addition WorksheetsSet 1 - 18 pages:
This set of worksheets includes 9 worksheets with equations and spaces for children to make their own pictures to help them solve the equations, and a fun picture of a Counting Creature to color on each one. It also includes 9 worksheets with “Domino Bugs” on them for kids to count the spots and solve the addition problem! Both worksheets feature just a few problems on each page for beginning learners. Children will enjoy coloring the fanciful creatures if they finish their work early enough, and teachers will appreciate the fact that equations are written both horizontally and vertically to help kids get used to both formats.

Counting Creatures Addition WorksheetsSet 2 - 18 pages:
This fun set includes five worksheets in which kids get to draw monster body parts and then add them together to get the total. There are three worksheets in which kids count the spots on the butterflies, and 2 in which they count the “bug hops” to get the total. There are three worksheets in which kids count the black spots vs. the white spots on “dice bugs” to get the total, and six more fun “count the creatures and write the equations” types of addition worksheets. This set is one of Heidi’s favorites!

Counting Creatures Addition WorksheetsSet 3 - 18 pages:  This set of worksheets is great for kids that are just getting started with addition. Each of them asks the children to count the monster body part or related object and find the total using the picture clues. On nine of the worksheets, the children need to write their own equations based on the picture cues as well as the answer to the problem. Kids will enjoy coloring the little pictures of the counting creatures, and teachers will appreciate the worksheets for motivational practice!

Counting Creatures Addition WorksheetsSet 4 - 20 pages:
This set features nine worksheets with cyclops monster heads to count and form into addition equations in both a horizontal and vertical format for each one. There are also nine more worksheets in a “color by number” format, in which children color the picture based on their sums that they fill in. Each one of these pictures features a different creature and some fun items that go with him or her to color! There are never more than eleven equations on each page, so that these worksheets may be something that young learners can finish in a reasonable amount of time, and still have a little time left to color. Two more extra addition worksheets with simple problems and pictures to color round out the set. This is a great set to have towards the end of the year when your students are getting faster at completing their work and might need a bit more to do to keep them busy!

Counting Creatures Addition WorksheetsSet 5 - 16 pages:
This set includes seven worksheets with addition problems, but with no spaces for children to draw pictures to figure out the answers to the equations this time. Each page does have a creature on it to color, and there are never more than eleven equations per page, so that little learners can complete these worksheets in a reasonable amount of time. These worksheets are perfect for the children that are ready to “move on” to doing some of these addition problems in their heads! The remaining nine worksheets have six addition equations printed on each page, with space for children to draw pictures to help them solve each one. Each page includes something fun to color!

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Sets 1-5 - Printable Download - $12.00
• Includes Downloadable, Digital Files (.pdf) of all 5 sets - 90 pages total

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