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CVC Word Family Color Bingo Games

These CVC Bingo Games come from the CVC Vol. 1 Workbook. These games are different from the ones found in the workbook, and are also in color for some added pop and fun! There is at least one bingo game for each short vowel. Some Bingo games combine two or more word families so the bingo mat is full. Each bingo game set is separated out and has their own calling cards for each game. There is a picture key for the cards as well, and it is before each short vowel bingo game. There is also a section at the end that combines the short vowel families to use as a review as the school year goes on. These sections are Short A & I, Short A, I, & O, Short A, I, O, & E, and Short A, I, O, E, & U.

Word Families Covered Are:
at, an, it, ip, in, ig, ot, op, ox, et, en, eg, ug, ut, un. 

Includes 143 pages: 11 bingo games with 8-10 bingo mats per game, plus calling cards for each game, and a picture key. Word families covered: at, an, it, ip, in, ig, ot, op, ox, et, en, eg, ug, ut, un.

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