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Find the Letter! Alphabet Coloring Worksheets

Find the Letter  Alphabet Coloring WorksheetsThis set of worksheets is for children to practice visual discrimination and letter identification. They are particularly useful for classes that study a “letter of the week.” To use them, simply introduce both the capital and lower case letter and its sound. Then have the children either color the target letters according to the directions, or have them place a different colored manipulative on top of each letter. For example, the children may place a blue jewel on all of the lower case letters, and a clear jewel on the capitals.

When you get to the pages with the letters in which the capitals and the lower case letters look alike, such as the Pp, Ss, Cc, and Kk, etc., you will probably have to take some time to show your students how to tell them apart. They will have to look for the relative size of each one in order to determine if it is a capital or a lower case letter. This may be tricky for some children, but the grand majority of my kindergartners were quite successful with it! They just have to be aware of the size differences in the print and take note of them, and most of them will be just fine. My students were really excited about certain worksheets, especially the ones with the cupcakes, dinosaur, jet, pirate, and unicorn! In fact, many of them asked to color them again and again!

These worksheets are also included as part of the Alphabet Vol. 1 Workbook.

57 pages - B/W worksheets to support visual discrimination for upper & lower case alphabet letters

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