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Finger Counting Addition Activity & Worksheets

Finger Counting Addition Activity & WorksheetsFinger Counting Addition helps bridge the gap between counting on the fingers and counting pictures on a worksheet! Children can do an addition problem by counting on their fingers, and then color the fingers that they see on the pictures of the hands on the worksheets. Then they count them all and write the answer.

Includes 12 pages: 7 worksheets, 1 full size hand/finger mat masters, plus instructions

Finger Counting Addition Activity & WorksheetsTeachers may also wish to have the children trace their hands (or use the full size copy of hands provided,) and have the children fold the fingers down or up and count the paper hands as shown in the picture.

 Finger Counting Addition Activity & WorksheetsYou may wish to have the children do this in small groups together, practice counting the fingers, and then write equations as a group. Doing this with dry erase markers (so that the paper can be erased and re-done again and again) is especially effective.

Finger Counting Addition Activity & WorksheetsThis packet contains instructions, the masters for the life size hands as pictured, and seven worksheets to help kids practice addition facts with sums that total from four to ten. The worksheets progress in difficulty, starting with sums of four, and then working up to sums that total no more than ten.
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Printable Download - $2.00
• Includes Downloadable, Digital Files (.pdf) of B/W Masters

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