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Holiday Traditions Around the World Number Book - Easy Reader

Holiday Traditions Easy Reader ExamplesThis project is a fun, easy reader for kids to make when learning about holiday traditions around the world. It accompanies our book, Holiday Traditions Around the World, as a great follow up activity that also gives children a chance to practice writing their numbers 1-10, and their emergent reading skills at the same time!

The holiday traditions included are: Christmas & Santa (United States), Hanukkah (Israel), the Christmas Tree (Germany), Las Posadas (Mexico), Three Kings Day (Spain & Latin America), the Christmas & the Jul Nisse (Denmark & Sweden), Diwali (India), Eid-ul-Fitr (Middle East), Nativity Scenes (England), Kwanzaa (United States). There is a shortened version of this easy reader with only five holidays included for those teachers with limited instructional time to complete the book.

Countries Covered Are:
United States, Israel, Germany, Mexico, Spain & Latin America, Denmark & Sweden, India, Middle East, England.

Holiday Traditions Covered Are:
Christmas & Santa, Hanukkah, the Christmas Tree, Las Posadas, Three Kings Day, Christmas & the Jul Nisse, Diwali, Eid-ul-Fitr, Nativity Scenes, & Kwanzaa.

30 pages - Instructions, picture samples, Easy Reader masters, and templates

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Number Book Easy Reader Printable Download - $5.00
• Includes Holiday Traditions Around the World Number Book - Easy Reader Printable Download
• 30 pages - Instructions, samples, masters, & templates

Number Book Easy Reader & Picture Book Printable Download Combo - $12.00 (Save $3.00!)
• Includes Holiday Traditions Around the World Number Book - Easy Reader Printable Download
• Includes Holiday Traditions Around the World Picture Book Printable Download

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