Home Support First Grade Kits

Home Support First Grade Kits include:
• Sing & Spell 3 CD and/or DVD
• Sing & Spell 5 CD and/or DVD
• Sing & Spell 6 CD and/or DVD
• Musical Math Vol. 1 CD and/or Animated DVD
• Sounds Fun Phonics CD and/or DVD
• Wiggles Learns to Pay Attention Picture Book & Printable Files on Disc
• Shark Teeth Addition & Subtraction Worksheets (Printable Files on Disc)

Would you like to help your child learn many first grade skills at home without having to make your child sit still and work with flash cards for hours?  This this is the set for you! Just by singing and dancing along with our DVD's, your child can learn 86 sight words, phonics, and many basic math skills such as addition, subtraction, skip counting, coin recognition, three-dimensional shapes, and more!  We've thrown in our motivational Shark Teeth Addition and Subtraction worksheets that kids love, just for fun.  Also included is our fun little book, Wiggles Learns to Pay Attention, so that you can help your child learn the behaviors that will help him or her learn in the more traditional manner that is so often required in the classrooms of today.

Sing & Spell the Sight Words Vols. 3, 5, 6:

Sing & Spell the Sight Words Vols. 3, 5, 6“Sight word” is the term that many teachers use to describe a word in written English that cannot be sounded out, and therefore must be memorized on sight. The reason that most sight words cannot be sounded out is because they do not follow the regular spelling and phonics patterns that are often taught to children when they are beginning to read.

For example, in the word, “the,” the reader must first recognize that the “th” together forms one sound /th/, and the “e” makes neither the short or long /e/ sound, but a short /u/ sound. Likewise, the word, “said” may start and end phonetically, but the middle of the word has short /e/ sound spelled with two letters (“ai”) that are not sounded at all.

These types of words are quite common in written English and typically torture the beginning reader until that learner becomes fluent and begins to develop some automaticity in reading.

Therefore, the purpose of sight word songs is to help the child focus on the letters in the word, and repeat the word and its spelling, in a fun and engaging way. The purpose of the accompanying melodies and movements is to take full advantage of the fact that young children learn quite naturally through movement, rhythm, rhyme, and song. When we add in the visual component of the word on the screen (as in the DVD) or on a flashcard (as in a teacher’s or parent's hand), then we have combined all of the major learning styles into one quick and efficient lesson, including the kinesthetic, visual, and auditory modalities. This is the essence of simultaneous multi-sensory teaching: all of the senses/learning styles are used simultaneously to maximize learning.

Words Covered in Sing & Spell Vol. 3 are:
again, away, because, come, could, help, house, how, jump, little, look, make, one, run, should, their, there, they're, three, to, too, two, want, we're, were, when, where, who, why, and would.

Words Covered in Sing & Spell Vol. 5 are:
Zero the Hero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, about, around, but, eat, fight, find, funny, get, into, new, ride, please, pretty, saw, say, says, so, under, which.

Words Covered in Sing & Spell Vol. 6 are:
ask, ate, day, does, every, give, going, her, him, just, many, must, no, off, only, our, ran, show, soon, take, them, think, walk, well, went, yes, Bonus Track - Opposite Song

Musical Math:
Musical MathMusical Math helps kids learn the vocabulary associated with many primary math concepts, including: counting to 100, sorting, patterning, comparing sets (more, less, and equal), skip counting, coin recognition, estimation, addition, and subtraction. The songs are short, fun, and catchy. Many of the videos and song titles show visual elements that reinforce the concept along with the numeric word counts and examples. The activities on the Musical Math Resource CD also support the concepts presented in this set of songs. This CD and DVD set is a teacher favorite and a "must have" for any K-1 classroom.

Concepts Covered Are: 1-100, I Can Sort, Position Words, More, Less, Equal, AB Pattern, ABC Pattern, AAB Pattern, What Comes Next?, Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Estimate, Count By 10’s, Count by 2’s, Count by 5’s, Sphere, Cube, Cone, Addition, Addition Doubles, 5 + 2, 2 + 3, 2 + 4, 3 + 4, 5 + 3, 6 + 3, 6 + 4, Anything Plus Zero, Mix It Up, Subtraction, Bonus Track: Alphabet Action Song.

Sounds Fun Phonics: 
Sounds Fun PhonicsSounds Fun Phonics is a system of teaching phonics through music, movement, and a set of unique flashcards that give the children a visual and kinesthetic cue to help them easily remember and produce each sound. The music serves to reinforce these basic phonics rules and sound spelling patterns, so that they can learn to read, write, and spell quickly and easily. We recommend using the DVD or CD in combination with the character flash cards for the most effective phonics teaching resource.

Phonics Spelling Patterns covered include: Ai/Ay-Hooray, Ar-Pirate, Au/Aw-Caw, Ch-Choo Choo, Ea/Ee-Whee, Er/Ir/Ur-Tiger, Ew-Monster, Igh-Sailor, Ing-King, Ink-Pink Ink, Oa-Tummy Ache, Oi/Oy-Piggy, Oo-Monkey, Or-Dinosaur, Ou/Ow-Howl, Sh-Quiet Girl, Th-Blowing Raspberries, Unk-Skunk, plus these basic phonics rules: Bossy E, Magic Y, Vowel Walk

Here's how it works:
The picture cue triggers the memory of a movement that goes with the sound of each combination of letters.  When the children are drilled with the flash cards and are asked to respond physically and verbally, they will remember more quickly than without the visual-kinesthetic element.  For example, the flashcard that goes with the “sh” sound spelling pattern has a little girl that is holding one finger up in front of her mouth to show the /sh/ sound. When children see this, they mimic the movement and then make the sound.

Shark Teeth Addition & Subtraction Worksheets

Shark Teeth Addition and Subtraction WorksheetsThis activity is designed to help children practice basic addition concepts by drawing the given number of teeth in the mouth of the shark, and then counting them all to get the total. Includes 7 Worksheets, with sums to 5 through 12 to support the small group activity.

Home Support CD First Grade Kit - $55.00  (save $19.00)
• Includes ONLY Music CD's, plus all the printable resources on a disc and Wiggles Learns to Pay Attention Book

Home Support DVD First Grade Kit - $65.00  (save $29.00)
• Includes ONLY Video DVD's, plus all the printable resources on a disc and Wiggles Learns to Pay Attention Book

Home Support CD & DVD First Grade Kit - $110.00  (save $39.00)
• Includes both CD's & DVD's, plus all the printable resources on a disc and Wiggles Learns to Pay Attention Book

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