Home Support Kindergarten Kits

Home Support Kindergarten Kits include:
• Jumpin' Numbers Vol. 2 CD and/or DVD
• Sing & Spell 1 CD and/or Animated DVD
• Sing & Spell 2 CD and/or Animated DVD
• Sound Blending Songs for Word Families CD and/or DVD
• Wiggles First Day at School Picture Book & Printable Files on Disc
• 1-100 Counting Picture Book
• 1-100 Worksheets (Printable Files on Disc)
• Butterfly Addition & Subtraction Worksheets (Printable Files on Disc)

Do you want to help your child learn kindergarten skills at home in a fun and easy way? Then this is the set for you! The materials in this set will help your child learn the numbers 11-30, 54 sight words, how to read three letter words, count to 100, add and subtract. It will also help you get your child ready for school with our fun picture books, Wiggles' First Day at School and the 1-100 Counting Book. This set has everything you need to make learning kindergarten skills fun at home at an affordable price.

Jumpin' Numbers Vol. 2:
Jumpin' Numbers Vol 2This title contains a separate song for each of the numbers from 11-30 to help children learn to identify and write these tricky numbers out of order. These simple songs also help the children remember difficult concepts such as the difference between the numbers twelve and twenty-one, or what a twenty, thirty, or fifteen looks like. Most songs are written to familiar tunes with new words, in the style of "piggyback songs." With the numbers written out onscreen and fun movements choreographed to help the memorization of the concepts, these catchy songs are targeted toward Pre-K and Kindergarten learners. Download the printable song lyrics and movements for fun and active learning.

Words Covered Are:
eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty.

Sing & Spell the Sight Words - Vol. 1-2:
Sing & Spell the Sight WordsThis original set of songs were written specifically to help children memorize the spellings of the first 25 high frequency words plus more, presented in the Houghton Mifflin Language Arts Series, as well as eleven color words. With the words written out onscreen and fun movements choreographed to help with memorization, these fun songs help children easily memorize the spellings as they are able to learn the alphabet song and begin writing. The final song on the CD is a song that reminds children to put a period at the end of each sentence. Download the printable song lyrics and movements for fun and active learning. 

The words on Sing & Spell Vol. 2, combined with the words on the first Sing and Spell Vol. 1 should give you one song for all of the words in the Open Court/Imagine It Language Arts Kindergarten program, plus some extras.

Words Covered in Sing & Spell Vol. 1 Are:
and, are, can, for, go, have, he, here, is, like, me, my, of, on, play, said, see, she, that, the, they, to, was, with, you and I'm Done.

Words Covered in Sing & Spell Vol. 2 Are:
red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, white, gray, pink, an, at, big, do, down, has, in, it, no/yes, not, small, this, too, up, we, what, who. Plus, there are two punctuation songs: one for capitals, and one for spaces between the words.

Sound Blending Songs for Word Families:
Sound Blending Songs for Word FamiliesThis title was created to teach children how read by teaching them how to blend sounds together into words. Sounding out words is very often the biggest road block for many children in learning to read; they simply cannot get past the hurdle of learning to blend sounds together, and it’s no fun to practice! These songs turn reading practice into a fun activity that kids don’t have to sit still for; in fact, they are much better off if they get up and move along! HeidiSongs products were created for active learners, and these songs are a great example of how you can harness the energy of your creative, wiggly learners and focus it where it is often needed the most.
This Sound Blending Songs title solves the problem of learning to sound out words by setting all of the steps to music, making it FUN for all! And singing the letter sounds creates a natural bridge in that process of learning to blend the sounds together, because when you stretch out the sounds of a word, you are almost singing them already, just not on a certain “pitch.” When we learn to read by singing, the entire class sings the sounds of a word together, then blends them together, and then practices reading the words together!

Music titles include:
Just Two Sounds, Little Two Letter Words, How Do You Sound It Out?, At Family Song, An Family Song, It Family Song, In Family Song, Ig Family Song, Ip Family Song, Op Family Song, Ot Family Song, Ox Family Song, Et Family Song, En Family Song, Eg Family Song, Ug Family Song, Ut Family Song, Un Family Song, Nonsense Words

1-100 Picture Book & 1-100 Worksheets (Printable Files on Disc)
1-100 Picture BookThis fun book was written to accompany the 1-100 Song on the Jumpin' Numbers Vol. 1 CD/DVD and Musical Math CD/DVD. In it, we go on a journey with a school aged boy as he tries to collect one hundred items from his home and friends. He counts them off as he goes and throws them in his wagon. At the end of the book, we see that he has been creating a collection for the One Hundredth Day of School, and his whole class is celebrating! 

1-100 WorksheetsWorksheets include ten different graphing worksheets, ten worksheets for practice in number sequencing, 30 'Connect the Dots' featuring three different ways of counting by ones, or by two’s, or by five’s, plus 15 coloring pages, all with the fun characters and artwork from the 1-100 Counting Book!


Home Support CD Kindergarten Kit - $55.00  (save $29.00)
• Includes ONLY Music CD's, plus all the printable resources on a disc and 1-100 Picture Book

Home Support DVD Kindergarten Kit - $60.00  (save $30.00)
• Includes ONLY Video DVD's, plus all the printable resources on a disc and 1-100 Picture Book

Home Support CD & DVD Kindergarten Kit - $100.00  (save $48.00)
• Includes both CD's & DVD's, plus all the printable resources on a disc and 1-100 Picture Book

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