Home Support Preschool Kits

Home Support Preschool Kits include:
• Number Jumble 0-10 Animated DVD (only included in DVD combo or CD & DVD combo)
• Jumpin' Numbers Vol. 1 CD (only included in CD combo or CD & DVD combo)
• Singable Songs for Letters & Sounds CD (only included in CD combo or CD & DVD combo)
• Letters & Sounds Animated DVD (only included in DVD combo or CD & DVD combo)
• Alphabet Action Printed Picture Book
• Opposites Rhyming Printed Picture Book
• Hidden Alphabet Worksheets (Printable File on Disc)
• Hidden Numbers 1-30 Worksheets (Printable File on Disc)>

This kit has everything you need to get your child started learning preschool skills at home! It has our beginning level DVD's to help your child learn the letters, sounds, shapes, and the numbers 0-10, plus two great picture books to go along with them! Your child will enjoy finding the letters and coloring them in our Hidden Alphabet worksheets, and practicing all of their new skills with number flashcards! Get everything you need at this great combo price! Your child will have so much fun, they won't even know they are learning!

Number Jumble 0-10 DVD:
Number Jumble contains a variety of songs and movements to help kids practice number recognition, number writing, counting skills, and how to read the number words! It even includes our popular counting from 1-100 song!  The Jumpin' Numbers Vol. 1 CD, included in the CD combo and CD & DVD combo, has a song for the numbers 0-10, plus the seven basic shapes.  These songs, in conjunction with the Jumpin' Numbers and Shakin' Shapes flash cards, help children to memorize the numbers 0-10 and the shapes, and practice counting to 100. These catchy songs are the perfect complement to any early childhood curriculum. The DVD includes movements for fun and active learning to let your children dance and move right along with Heidi on screen!

Topics Covered Are: zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 1-100, circle, square, rectangle, triangle, oval, rhombus, octagon.

Singable Songs for Letters and Sounds: Singable Songs for Letters and SoundsThese songs were written to help children memorize the alphabet, letter sounds, letter formation and much more! There is a unique song for every letter of the alphabet and includes the sound of the letter, and a reference to what the letter looks like or how it is formed. There are also two other songs that practice all of the letters and their sounds from A-Z. With the letters written out onscreen and fun movements choreographed to help with memorization, these fun songs help children easily memorize both the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet as they begin reading.
Why is it important for pre-school aged children to learn the alphabet?
As primary teachers know, most states now require that children in Kindergarten begin to read within a couple of months of the beginning of the school year. Children as young as four and a half years old must internalize the alphabet and sounds quickly so that they can keep up with the prescribed curriculum at the pace that has been set by the school district and state.

Concepts Covered Are:
Alphabet Action, The A Song, The B Song, The C Song, The D Song, The E Song, The F Song, The G Song, The H Song, The I Song, The J Song, The K Song, The L Song, The M Song, The N Song, The O Song, The P Song, The Q Song, The R Song, The S Song, The T Song, The U Song, The V Song, The W Song, The X Song, The Y Song, The Z Song, Sounds To Letters.

Alphabet Action Picture Book
Alphabet Action Picture BookThis read-along, sing-along picture book is a fully illustrated romp through the alphabet, showing fun actions for all 26 letters, just like the Alphabet Action song. Found on both the 'Singable Songs for Letters and Sounds' and 'Musical Math' volumes of music, this full-color picture book is a one-of-a-kind reader for any multi-sensory collection, showing letter formation and motions that help support the memorization of the alphabet.
54 pages - Full color, soft cover, perfect bound 8-1/2 x 8-1/2" sq.

Opposites Rhyming Picture Book
Opposites Rhyming Picture BookThis adorable little book introduces children to both opposites and rhyming words in one fun little song that children can also read - which makes this a “singable book!” Singable books are the perfect way to introduce children to the wonderful world of reading, because once they know the song, they can also start to “read” the words on the page as well! Our child-friendly illustrations with the little mice help children understand the meanings of the words as well. Kids will want to make their own little opposites books too, so don’t miss the cute little downloadable project to accompany this book on our website!
Includes 26 different pairs of rhyming opposites!

Hidden Alphabet Worksheets & Hidden Numbers Worksheets Printable File on Disc
Hidden Alphabet WorksheetsThese fun worksheets are a hit with Heidi's students! For the Hidden Alphabet Worksheets, children use their visual discrimination to find the target letters and color in the sections that they are in. When finished correctly, the letters themselves are shown! For the Hidden Numbers Worksheets, children use their visual discrimination to find the target quantities of objects and color in the sections that they are in. When finished correctly, the numerals themselves are shown!These worksheets also make a great resource for homework or independent class time, since they are practically self checking.

Home Support CD Preschool Kit - $35.00  (save $8.00)
• Includes ONLY Music CD's, plus all the printable resources on a disc, Alphabet Action Picture book, and Opposites Rhyming Picture Book

Home Support DVD Preschool Kit - $40.00  (save $13.00)
• Includes ONLY Video DVD's, plus all the printable resources on a disc, Alphabet Action Picture book, and Opposites Rhyming Picture Book

Home Support CD & DVD Preschool Kit- $55.00  (save $18.00)
• Includes both CD's & DVD's, plus all the printable resources on a disc, Alphabet Action Picture book, and Opposites Rhyming Picture Book

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