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Jumpin' Numbers Vol. 2 - Spanish Version!

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This CD contains a separate song for each of the numbers from 11-30 to help children learn to identify and write these tricky numbers out of order. The songs tune is the same as the Jumpin' Numbers 11-30 Vol. 2 CD, with the words being slightly different as they are in Spanish. If you know the songs to Jumpin' Numbers 11-30, then these are easy for Spanish speaking students and teachers to learn. These simple songs also help the children remember difficult concepts such as the difference between the numbers twelve and twenty-one, or what a twenty, thirty, or fifteen looks like. Most songs are written to familiar tunes with new words, in the style of "piggyback songs." These catchy songs are targeted toward Pre-K and Kindergarten learners. Download the printable song lyrics and movements for fun and active learning!

Numbers Covered Are:
Número 11, Número 12, Número 13, Número 14, Número 15, Número 16, Número 17, Número 18, Número 19, Número 20, Número 21, Número 22, Número 23, Número 24, Número 25, Número 26, Número 27, Número 28, Número 29, Número 30.

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