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Numbers 0-10 & 7 Basic Shapes Poster

The Jumpin’ Numbers and Shakin’ Shapes Poster is designed to help the teacher that would like to display the cards in the set in a small, compact space. The pictures on the poster are the same pictures that you will see on the Jumpin’ Numbers and Shakin’ Shapes flash cards and on the DVD, but are printed on a poster instead. These pictures of the numbers and shapes with their character icons are laid out on the poster to fit together in a way that makes sense to a young child, yet is compact enough to fit both the numbers 0-10 and seven basic shapes into one tight space. The HeidiSongs graphics remind the children of the lyrics in the songs that they are learning about these math concepts, and help them recall the names of the numerals and shapes.

Heidi recommends stapling the posters onto a stiff piece of poster board or on a tri-fold presentation foam board so that it can be moved around as needed and displayed anywhere at all. She also has a second poster stapled to a the wall in a permanent location.

Poster size: 22" x 34"

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