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Jumpin' Numbers Vol. 1 CD - Spanish Version!

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One of the original Heidisongs resources, Jumpin' Numbers and Shakin' Shapes is a great product for your child!  The Spanish version contains the same great music as "Jumpin' Numbers and Shakin' Shapes" but is presented in Spanish.  It has a song for each of the numerals 0-10, a counting to 100 song, and a song for each of the seven basic shapes.  This is a great way to bring fun and educational music and movement into your home or classroom!

Numbers Covered Are:
Número 0, Número 1, Número 2, Número 3, Número 4, Número 5, Número 6, Número 7, Número 8, Número 9, Número 10, 1-100 Song en Espanol, El Círculo, El Rectángulo, El Cuadrado, El Triángulo, El Óvalo, El Rumba Rombo, El Octágono.

-Jumpin Numbers Vol. 1 & 2 Spanish - Lyrics & Handmotions

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