Musical Math Fun Addition Book and Games

Musical Math Fun Addition Book and GamesThis set includes a cute little Addition Book that the children decorate with thumbprints, using a spring time theme. The book has one page for each addition song for a total of eight separate pages to help kids memorize the basic addition facts with sums up to ten. The games include “Fuzzy Wuzzy,” which plays like Blackjack, but with the goal being sums to seven rather than 21. There is also an “Addition With Manipulatives” activity and recording sheet, in which children make their own addition problems up using two different colors of manipulatives, and then record their equations.

Includes 29 pages, with addition book masters, games, samples, and instructions

Include in this set:
-Addition Book
-Addition With Manipulatives
-Fuzzy Wuzzy Addition Game

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Printable Download - $3.00
• Includes Downloadable, Digital Files (.pdf) of B/W Masters

Printable Files on Disc - $4.00
• Includes Digital Files (.pdf) of B/W Masters on Disc

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