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Musical Math Sing-Along Song Book and Visual Aids

This set includes the masters to print out the Sing Along Songbook for the entire Musical Math CD, which makes a great listening center. It also includes the visual aid booklet for the “Alphabet Action” song, which has one page for each letter to flip through and show the children while singing the song. There is also a three page visual aid booklet to hold while singing the “What Comes Next?” song, so that the children can see each written number that they are singing. The “Boing” Counting Game is also a fun way to practice counting in a small group, and uses a springtime animals theme. In this game, the children must tell what number comes next in a series of numbers from one to one hundred, such as “27, 28, 29, ____.” If they get a “special” picture card, they get to hop like a rabbit, quack like a duck, fly like a bird, etc. There is no penalty for getting the answer wrong, and kids love having a chance to do the actions.

Include in this set:
Sing-Along Song Book
Alphabet Action Flashcards
What Comes Next Flashcards

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