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Musical Math Subtraction Lift the Flap Book and Games - HeidiSongs

This set includes a fun lift the flap Subtraction Book for the children to make with a zoo animal theme. Children as young as Kindergarten can complete this book with little help, since the bodies or heads of the animals are started for them with dotted lines. All that they have to do is trace the lines and add the missing features of the animals, such as the legs, tail, and face, etc. (Please note that the text of the book is a poem to read and memorize about zoo animals that go missing, rather than a song, and was not included in the Musical Math CD or DVD.) The “Yummy Subtraction Game” includes directions and a spinner. In this game, the children spin to see how many pieces of cereal they may start with, and then spin another spinner with smaller numbers to see how many pieces they may eat.

Include in this 37 page set:
The Yummy Subtraction Game
Subtraction Book

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