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Odd & Even Worksheets

This worksheet set contains 20 worksheets with hidden odd and even numbers for kids to find and color!

These worksheets are fun because the coloring patterns within the pictures themselves give the children a clue to help them figure out the answers if they are a little unsure. Each worksheet should be practically self-checking, because if it is completed correctly, a picture or colored pattern should appear!

First, make sure that the students understand what odd and even numbers are. For tips on this, see Heidi’s blog post on teaching kids to identify odd and even numbers. Then, simply explain and model the process of finding a number, deciding if it is odd or even, and then coloring it. Most children catch on to this quite easily. You may wish to guide them through as they find each number, help them decide if the number is odd or even, and then have them circle either the odds or the evens. Once they have figured out which numbers are which, you can release them to relax and color.

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