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Opposites Rhyming Picture Book

Opposites Rhyming Picture BookThis adorable little book introduces children to both opposites and rhyming words in one fun little song that children can also read - which makes this a “singable book!” Singable books are the perfect way to introduce children to the wonderful world of reading, because once they know the song, they can also start to “read” the words on the page as well! Our child-friendly illustrations with the little mice help children understand the meanings of the words as well. Kids will want to make their own little opposites books too, so don’t miss the cute little downloadable project to accompany this book on our website!

31 pages, Includes 26 different pairs of rhyming opposites

Check out the song that follows the book! Available on iTunes, just click on the link above. Plus, the free sheet music is available under the 'Free Downloads' tab.

Opposites Singable Book Project
Opposites Singable Book ProjectThe Opposite Song Rhyming Songbook is a great way for children to learn both opposites and rhyme, and when kids make their own little song books, it’s even more meaningful and fun! These little student pages are designed to be easy enough for most preschoolers to make with assistance, but are still fun for older children as well. Kids can make just a few pages or all of them and bind them into a little book, depending on their attention span and their instructional needs.

Opposites Flashcards
Opposites FlashcardsThe Opposite Book Flash Cards is a great resource with many uses. The flash cards were intended for for practice in matching up the pairs of opposites, but may also be used for practice in reading the words and matching them to the pictures, or even for matching the rhyming words and pictures! This versatile set has 26 pairs of opposites that include 13 pairs of rhyming words within it.

Heidi’s Paper Plate Opposites Pockets Literacy Center ActivityCheck out Heidi’s Paper Plate Opposites Pockets Literacy Center Activity that can be made with this resource!

Opposites Picture Book - $3.00
• 31 pages, Includes 26 different pairs of rhyming opposites

Opposites Singable Book Project Printable Download - $4.00
• Includes 55 pages, with templates and full instructions in downloadable, digital file

Opposites Flashcards Printable Download - $3.00
• Includes 27 pages with instructions in downloadable, digital file

-Opposites Song Sheet Music

-Opposites Singable Book Sample

-Opposites Flashcards Sample

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