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Sounds Fun Phonics Bang! Game

Sounds Fun Phonics Bang GameThis printable game helps kids practice the Sounds Fun Phonics program above, using all 25 letter combinations and 3 basic phonics rules. Includes blank cards so that you can modify the game to include your own letter combinations. In this classic small group game, the children try to identify the sound or phonics rule on each card, unless they receive a card that says "Bang!" on it. If they receive a "Bang!" card, they get all of the cards at the table, excluding the dealer's cards. The game is fast paced and fun, and always a hit with kids everywhere!

Includes 17 pages: 25 letter combinations and 3 basic phonic rules

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Printable Download - $4.00
• Includes Downloadable, Digital Files (.pdf) of Color & B/W Masters

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