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Sounds Fun Phonics Flashcards

Sounds Fun Phonics Flash CardsSounds Fun Phonics is a system of teaching phonics through music, movement, and a set of unique flashcards that give the children a visual and kinesthetic cue to help them easily remember and produce each sound. The music serves to reinforce these basic phonics rules and sound spelling patterns, so that they can learn to read, write, and spell quickly and easily. We recommend using the DVD or CD in combination with the character flash cards for the most effective phonics teaching resource.

Includes: .pdf of 25 flashcards for 25 different letter combinations, including long vowels, r controlled vowels, and the sounds for digraphs /sh/, /th/, and /ch/. Plus 3 basic phonics rules for Bossy E, Magic Y, Vowel Walk. Presented in four different formats for ease of use: 25 large 8-1/2 x 11" cards, 6 small 4-1/4 x 5-1/2" cards with all images to cut apart, and 1 single page with all 18 sounds for a single page reference.

Phonics Spelling Patterns covered include: Ai/Ay-Hooray, Ar-Pirate, Au/Aw-Caw, Ch-Choo Choo, Ea/Ee-Whee, Er/Ir/Ur-Tiger, Ew-Monster, Igh-Sailor, Ing-King, Ink-Pink Ink, Oa-Tummy Ache, Oi/Oy-Piggy, Oo-Monkey, Or-Dinosaur, Ou/Ow-Howl, Sh-Quiet Girl, Th-Blowing Raspberries, Unk-Skunk, plus these basic phonics rules: Bossy E, Magic Y, Vowel Walk

Here's how it works: The picture cue triggers the memory of a movement that goes with the sound of each combination of letters. When the children are drilled with the flash cards and are asked to respond physically and verbally, they will remember more quickly than without the visual-kinesthetic element. For example, the flashcard that goes with the “sh” sound spelling pattern has a little girl that is holding one finger up in front of her mouth to show the /sh/ sound. When children see this, they mimic the movement and then make the sound.

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-Sounds Fun Phonics Lyrics

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