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Sounds Fun Phonics Word Building Kit

Sounds Fun Phonics Word Building KitThe Sounds Fun Word Building Kit includes 67 pages and is designed to give children a way to practice building, writing, and reading words with the Sounds Fun Phonics sound spelling patterns. To use the kit, all you need to do is make copies of the alphabet cards and the Sounds Fun Word Building Kit cards necessary for the word families that you are working on. Cut the cards out and scatter them on the table or post them on a pocket chart. Then you can either provide the children with a list of words that you want them to work on building, or give them pictures of the words that you want them to build by using the flash cards from the Sounds Fun Workbooks. Or, you could also simply let the children create the words of their choice by providing no word list or pictures at all. However, holding the children accountable for making a certain amount of words and writing them down is a good idea for children that are working independently in centers.

Phonics Spelling Patterns covered include: Ai/Ay-Hooray, Ar-Pirate, Au/Aw-Caw, Ch-Choo Choo, Ea/Ee-Whee, Er/Ir/Ur-Tiger, Ew-Monster, Igh-Sailor, Ing-King, Ink-Pink Ink, Oa-Tummy Ache, Oi/Oy-Piggy, Oo-Monkey, Or-Dinosaur, Ou/Ow-Howl, Sh-Quiet Girl, Th-Blowing Raspberries, Unk-Skunk, plus these basic phonics rules: Bossy E, Magic Y, Vowel Walk

Includes Heidi's Sticky Note Word Building Activity!

Sticky Note Word Builder

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