Sounds Fun Phonics Workbook Vol. 1

Sounds Fun Phonics Workbook Vol. 1This workbook includes 152 pages and is designed to give children extra practice in sounding out and reading words that include many of the phonics spelling patterns from the Sounds Fun Phonics CD/DVD, Cards, and Poster. Included are large flashcards of each word for large group practice in the classroom, and small flash cards to send home with each child for homework practice. There are also five different worksheet formats for each sound spelling unit as well. These worksheets give children practice sounding out, reading, spelling, and writing the words. Children are also given chances to illustrate the words, as well as color pictures of the words that are already drawn. The worksheets include visual perceptual activities in which children are required to find the words that include the targeted phonics spelling patterns, which helps develop visual perception skills. Due to the amount of phonics spelling patterns included in the Sounds Fun set, it was necessary to split the Sounds Fun Workbook into two volumes, so this volume contains the worksheets for what Heidi considers to be the easiest and most basic phonics spelling patterns.

Sound Spelling Patterns Covered Are: sh-, th-, ch-, -unk, -ink, -ing, -ay, -ai, -ee, -ea, -oa, -oo, Bossy E, Vowel Walk

Printable Resources Include:
* Five different types of Phonics worksheets for each of 14 Sound Spelling Patterns and Phonics Rules
* Large and Small Flash cards for 14 different Sound Spelling Patterns and Phonics Rules

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Printed Workbook - $15.00
• 152 pages - B/W, perfect bound, soft-cover workbook. 5 different types of reading worksheets plus large & small flashcards for each of 14 sound spelling patterns and phonics rules

Printable Download - $10.00
• Includes Downloadable, Digital Files (.pdf) of workbook Masters

Printable Files on Disc - $11.00
• Includes Digital Files (.pdf) of workbook Masters on Disc

Printed Workbook & Printable Files on Disc - $20.00
• Includes Printed Workbook
• Plus Digital Files (.pdf) of workbook Printable Files on Disc

-Phonics Worksheets - "th" sound pattern
-Sounds Fun Phonics Lyrics
-Sounds Fun Phonics Movements

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